Best Sanur Restaurants: Places We Love Eating Out in Bali

One of the joys of travel is food.  And finding great restaurants is always a delight.  That’s why I want to share with you the best Sanur restaurants in Bali, that we have found during our passed family holidays to Bali.

Bali is a South East Asian island full of contrasts.  Each Balinese location has a different vibe and offers different amenities, accommodations and restaurants.  We’ve visited Bali on several occasions, staying in different locales.  We’ve learned it doesn’t really matter which village you base yourself in, as you can get to most Bali attractions from most of the villages.

But it is the village of Sanur that is my favourite.  I love it’s relaxed Bali of yesteryear feel.  Yet there are still plenty of choices for places to stay.  There’s high-end boutique hotels, family-friendly all-inclusive resorts, villas for rent and the self-catering apartment style Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites.  This is where we base ourselves to discover a variety of great restaurants in Sanur.

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Four dishes from the best Sanur restaurants: butterfly prawns, fish and chips, satay sticks and garlic prawns

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About Sanur Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Sanur is located on the east coast of the Indonesian island of Bali.  It was hugely popular in the 1960-70’s before tourists turned their attention to areas located on the west and far southern coasts of Bali.

The village of Sanur is 16 km from the Bali International Airport easily accessible via a turnoff from the major highway Jl. By Pass Nagurah Rai.  Sitting on miles of white sandy palm tree lined beaches overlooking the Bali Sea to Penida Island and Lombok.  Sanur has such a relaxed bohemian vibe.

Many of the Sanur restaurants can be found on the shaded boardwalk along the beachfront or the main street of Sanur (Jalan Danau Tamblingan), which is situated halfway between the beach and the main highway.

Best Restaurants in Sanur

These are restaurants and bars galore in Sanur, but these are my top picks on where to eat in Sanur.  You’ll find a range of eateries offering local Balinese fare, pub food, delicious Italian cuisine and fine dining or up-market options.

The Fire Station

Ask anyone for a Sanur restaurant recommendation and the Fire Station will be top of their list.  The highlight is their succulent tender Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs, the meat just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth.

Ribs, chips and salad served on a board at the Fire Station Restaurnt in Sanur, Bali

Slow cooked ribs at the Fire Station

There’s even a ribs option on the kid’s menu.  But for our son, it is the kids Fish and Chips.  He loves the crispy beer batter encasing the moist white fish and the chips 😉

The Fire Station has a good-sized menu with popular pub meals all around the 100k IDR and the drinks are reasonably priced as well.  We enjoy a glass of crisp white wine from Chili for 75k IDR.

Drink Ordering Tip
Always ask for extra ice, the drinks rarely come out cold enough and the ice is safe to drink in Sanur.  (We do this at all the Sanur restaurants where we eat).

Massimo Italian Restaurant

Our next favourite is the Italian restaurant of Massimo’s.  If you haven’t booked be prepared to wait for a table – and plenty of people do as this Sanur food is worth the wait.

As far as I am concerned this is the best Italian restaurant in Sanur.  After ordering drinks we receive a plate of fried cheese balls and breadsticks – yum is all I can say.

When ordering our meals here we like to stick with the traditional Italian dishes of Pizza Margarita, Fettuccine Bolognese, Spaghetti Carbonara or Pappardelle with prawns.

Plate of prawn papardelle served at Massimos the best Italian restaurant inSanur, Bali

Prawn Pappardelle at Massimos in Sanur, Bali

One of the benefits of eating at this Sanur restaurant with kids is that the kids can watch a chef preparing pasta.  Wonderful to see that the pasta is fresh and homemade.  We just know our pasta choices are going to be beautiful – we are not disappointed.

You can then round off your meal with one of their homemade gelatos.  We join the queue and choose from 20+ flavours at the Gelato Bar on the sidewalk for 20k IDR/small bucket.  Lovely to enjoy as you slowly stroll back to your accommodation.

Three Monkeys Sanur

Another good Sanur restaurant is the Three Monkeys.  The food is beautiful – if anything a little more upmarket than the rest of the Sanur restaurants we try.  The food is well presented and my Prawn Saganaki delicious.

The only thing is it is very popular.  So you have to be organised and book – something I’m not so good at on holiday.

Bowl of prawn saganaki and salad from Three Monkeys fine dining restaurnt in Sanur, Bali

Prawn Saganaki at the Three Monkeys

Popular Restaurant Tip
At many of the well-known and recommended restaurants, you will need to book.


Cafe Batu Jimbar

If like me you are hopeless at pre-booking a restaurant then the Cafe Batu Jimbar could be the answer.  It is a large restaurant located on the main street diagonally opposite the shopping hub of Hardy’s supermarket and department store.  The food is exceptional, but you will pay for it.  It is our most expensive night out costing us 1M IDR.  But then again we probably did overindulge.

It is so lovely walking into a Sanur restaurant with the twinkling lights, clean gleaming hardwood tables and attentive service.

Inside the restaurant of Cafe Batur Jimba

Cafe Batur Jimba

We can’t resist getting carried away.  We order crisp spinach samosas, followed by Satay Ayum, Nasi Campur and a Thai red curry, all washed down with a few glasses of Australian white wine.

And whilst we relax over the last of our wine the staff allow Lewis to pop up to the couches to go to sleep

Eating Out with Kids Tip
Take a pram or push restaurant chairs together so kids can lay down after dinner then you get to have a bit of a date night.

Costa Rica

Just up the road are a selection of local Balinese restaurants including Costa Rica.  We enjoy some tasty satay cooked on the fire grill on the sidewalk, whilst having a Balinese Hattens white wine and listening to a 2 piece band.

A really enjoyable night and a cheap eat in Sanur.

Flamed grilled chicken satay served at local Sanur restaurant Costa Rica

Chicken Satay at Costa Rica

Wine Tip
The local Balinese Hattans Wines is OK and around the same price as ordering a glass of wine in Australia – 75K IDR approx.


On the beach, there are a whole heap more restaurants.  One of our absolute favourites is Bennos.  We discovered it the previous year and even my Dad found on his holiday to Bali.  This local eatery is located right on the beach.  The tables are on decking over the sand.  A rooftop has been added perfect for those nights when it rains.

View of the beach from Bennos beachside restaurant in Sanur

Looking out from Bennos Restaurant

There is a good range of dishes.  During the day you will find toasted sandwiches and salads along with the Balinese fare that is also offered in the evenings.

There are several dishes that become our favourites: Fish and Chips (Lewis), Chicken Satay (one of the better ones that we have during this Bali family vacation), and Buttered Garlic Prawns served with a choice of rice or chips and vegetables or salad.  The dishes are huge and at a great price, the prawn dish was under 100K IDR.

Plate of buttered garlic prawns and steamed rice from Bennos beachside restaurant

Buttered Garlic Prawns at Bennos

Beach Restaurant Tip
Make sure you spray insect repellent before heading out.  The mosquitos and sand flies can eat you alive.

Cafe Bamboo

Late in our stay, we discover a whole heap more Sanur beach restaurants on the southern tip.  During the day this boardwalk strip has a relaxed carefree vibe, almost as if you are strolling along a Greek Island waterfront.  The only downside there is a slight waft of diesel fuel coming from speedboats taking people out on joy rides.

We don’t give up on this area though.  At night the speedboats have gone and there is a light breeze wafting in from the Bali Sea.  We opt for the Cafe Bamboo restaurant which has cement floor out over the sand and pretty lights twinkling in the trees.

The Indonesian food we order is nice, the staff are friendly and attentive, plus it is a well priced night out.  Possibly one of our cheapest nights out.

Plate of battered fish and chips from Cafe Bamboo on the southern stretch of sanur

Fish and Chips from Cafe Bamboo

Another Beach Restaurant Tip
Choose a restaurant that has decking over the sand to reduce sand flies biting.

The Not So Favourite Restaurants in Sanur

Sadly not all Sanur restaurants are good.  These are the few that we stumbled upon and wouldn’t go back to.

Wicked Parrot

Next door to Costa Rica is the popular restaurant the Wicked Parrot.  During a previous holiday to Bali we tried to eat out here, however, the service was so poor we couldn’t get an order taken.

However others have told us it is good with live music and the restaurant is always busy, so perhaps we just got a bad night.

Review Tip
Just because someone enjoys a meal somewhere, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will.

Sanur Night Markets

Another place we didn’t actually try is the Sanur Night Markets.  There are a number of stalls located inside this small nightly market.  The food is cheap, however, we are warned, be careful where you choose to eat.  So we just avoid the whole thing.  Personally, I feel a cheap eat is not worth getting sick over.

Food stalls and tables at Sanur Night Markets for cheap eats

Food Stalls at Sanur Night Markets

Market Stall Tip
Ensure the food is cooked fresh in front of you.

La Playa

The reason I mentioned earlier on about eating on the southern beaches at night only is that we eat at La Playa upon a recommendation by a passerby.  However soon after ordering we wish we hadn’t, the petrol fumes coming off the water from the speedboats is not pleasant.  No wonder there aren’t many seated in this restaurant.  Fortunately our “freshen up” drinks (I have lemon and Lewis orange) are refreshingly tangy after our bike ride.

Food wise it is a bit average.  My Satay and my partner Steve’s Nasi Goreng are both a bit lacking in flavour, the highlight I think is Lewis’s toasted cheese sandwich.

Toasted cheese sandwich and fries from La Playa

Toasted Cheese at La Playa

Choosing a Restaurant Tip
If there are few people eating at the restaurant there is possibly a good reason why.

Top Trip Tips: Eating Out in Sanur

Getting Around

The town of Sanur stretches roughly 5km long and the distance between the beach and the highway is only about 1.5km.  During the day it is easy to see your way.  Either along the main road, beachfront boardwalk and through the maze of small laneways.  If the walking becomes too much you can:

  • Hire a bike on the beach to cycle along the shaded boardwalk.  It’s a great way to see the far reaches of Sanur beach.
  • Hire a driver.  If you are staying at a hotel or resort there will be drivers waiting at the lobby.  They will charge the same as a taxi if you are heading to somewhere within Sanur.  You can also book one to take you on a day trip to explore more of Bali.
  • Catch a taxi.  It should cost about 50 IDR.  It seems to be the standard price to get anywhere in Sanur.
  • Catch a bima (a beat-up blue van with a wooden bench and door that doesn’t close).  It should cost 30 IDR, but you may find some cheeky drivers trying to charge the same as a taxi.

It is very easy to catch a taxi or bima.  They are always trying to tout for business and will toot at you as you are walking along the street.  If not just stand on the sidewalk and wave at the next taxi driving past.  Don’t worry there is no shortage of taxis or bimas.  On a rare occasion, you may have to wait a couple of minutes.

Health and Safety

Remember Bali is a hot tropical destination.  During the day always wear a hat and carry a water bottle.

At night you need to be wary of walking through the small laneways.  They are badly lit and full of potholes.  Take a torch or pay a little for a ride back to your accommodation.

Before you head out at night I would highly recommend spraying yourself with insect repellent – the mossies can be bad.

Drinking the tap water in Bali is not healthy.  Always order bottled water for drinking (even use it for brushing your teeth).  Over recent years it has become safe to order ice in drinks as the Balinese now make the ice from drinking water.

If you do end up eating something that gives you a touch of Bali belly then there are several pharmacies along the main street of Sanur.

Currency Exchange

When exchanging money always use a reputable exchange booth.  Whilst you may see a better exchange rate advertised at a small shop with an exchange booth, they can often trick you by a quick slide of the hand and shortchange you with the amount that should be given.

Approximate exchange rates at March 2018:

  • 10k IDR = $0.94AUD
  • 10k IDR = $0.73USD

All in all, Sanur is a wonderful beachside location to base yourself during a holiday to Bali.  Keep your wits about you as you get about and enjoy all that this village has to offer – especially the food.

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Four dishes found at the best restaurants in Sanur, Bali including: satay sticks, nasi goreng, grilled squid

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Garlic prawns, fish and chips, satay sticks just some of the yummy food found in Sanur restaurants

buttered garlic prans, satay sticks, fish and chips food found in Sanur restaurants

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