Travel tips for planning your next holiday.

Travel Tips

Travel tips on flying, road trips, cruising and choosing accommodation or tours to help you plan for your next dream trip.

Travel tips and ideas on how to take holiday money overseas when you travel on a vacation. The pros and cons for 4 ways to access travel money abroad.

How to Access Your Travel Money Abroad

Back in the early 1990’s when I  backpacked around Europe the main ways to take and access your travel money...

Planning a holiday? Ask yourself these six questions to help you plan your travel vacation.

The Who What When Where Why & How of Planning a Holiday

How to Plan a Holiday Getting started on planning a holiday can be tricky.  There is so much to do...

travel tips for finding a pet boarding kennel when you next go on holiday.

Tips for Finding Pet Boarding When You Travel

How to Find Pet Boarding When Going on Holiday We’ve recently added a new member to the family.  No, I...

Where to Find Holiday and Travel Inspirations

Places to Discover Inspiration for Travel and Holidays You have an itch to explore the world.  You’ve got your annual...

Stay in touch when travel

How to Stay in Touch When You Travel

How to Stay in Touch When You Travel It is 1995 and I have been away from home for over...

How to save money for travel

How to Save Money for Travel

How to Budget for Travel: Creating a Savings Plan You have a travel dream.  You can feel it, smell it,...