How to Choose the Safest Type of Travel Wallet for Your Trip

You’ve saved up for your vacation.  Planned which method to take and access your money whilst overseas.  Now you need to choose a travel wallet that suits your travel style.

When travelling, you need to be mindful of protecting your travel money.  That is, preventing somebody from picking your pockets, snatching your bag or scanning your credit/debit cards as they simply walk past you.  When choosing the best travel wallet for your trip keep all these things in mind to ensure your travel money stays safe on your travels.

In this Article on Choosing the Safest Travel Wallet You Will Learn About

Options for finding the best and safest travel wallet for your holiday. Keep your holiday money safe and easy to access when on day trips on vacation.
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Six Safe Wallet Styles

These days many vacation wallets or purses come with RFID technology.  RFID technology prevents the radio waves that emit from your credit or debit card being scanned by a card skimmer as they walk past you.  However, it does not prevent your card from being skimmed at the checkout.  To prevent that from happening you need to keep your eye on your credit/debit card at all times.

To prevent your pockets being picked choose the safest travel wallet that can either be clipped to your clothing or onto a hook inside your larger day bag.  Also be careful when walking along the street.  Bag snatches come on foot and zoom passed on motorbikes.  If you are in a crowded area place your daypack on the front of you, walking on the street keep your handbag to the inside of the footpath and choose travel bags that cannot be easily cut with a knife.  Finally, expand your awareness of what is going on around you.

The Neck Pouch

I used the neck pouch travel wallet* when I backpacked around Europe for six months. Not once did I have money stolen whilst travelling let alone feel threatened that my financial well-being was at risk. I placed my travel neck pouch underneath my T-shirt that was always tucked in. The neck pouch wallet had several compartments that allowed me to have my cash, credit card and passport segregated, yet with me at all times.
The disadvantage to this was – it didn’t look good and it was a bit annoying having to reach into the neck of my shirt to pull out the travel pouch to access my money.


The Money Belt

The most well-known and popular forms of travel wallets are money belts*.  Back in the 90’s many wore the bum bag version, fanny bag in America (I loathe the term fanny so I will avoid using it) The bum bag tied around your waist and the bag sat at the front of your hips.  Whilst this was a slightly safer wallet style than keeping your wallet in your back pocket – many travellers were still pickpocketed.  The bum bag was still easily accessible for a pickpocketer in a crowded area.

Since then, the money belt has evolved into a flatter concealed travel wallet version*.  The money belt is slim-lined and can be worn inside of your clothing (shorts, pants etc.)   When I travelled through Mediterranean Europe for three months my travel companion used the money belt to keep our finances safe.  On the plus side, nothing was ever stolen however to access the money you would have to unbuckle yourself to reach the money belt.  So whilst it is not overly practical for use all the time it provides a great way to keep larger amounts of cash, credit cards and your passport secure.

The Wallet

Now I know some of you are not going to be too enthused about the whole concealed travel wallet or want an additional vacation wallet for easy access to your daily travel money.  I know my husband prefers to keep a wallet in the side pocket of his cargo shorts.  Not an overly secure option, so only keep your days spending money in this wallet – should it be stolen it won’t be the end of the holiday.

I would recommend you choose a travel wallet that has RFID* technology to prevent your debit/credit card from being skimmed.

Clutch Purse

If you’re not really keen on the traditional style wallet then a clutch travel purse could be the answer – it’s a little bit more glamorous.  The clutch travel purse* has a hand loop that can be hooked inside your handbag or daypack.  If you choose a style with a satin finish then in the evenings on vacation you can feel a bit more dressed up using it as an evening clutch others come in a variety of leather colours.

The Cross Body Bag

As I mentioned earlier I previously had used the neck pouch which didn’t look good but was practical in its design.  There was a larger section for my passport, add a smartphone, there is a compartment for cards and another for cash.  These days I have progressed to the Cross Body Bag*, it is my preferred type of travel wallet style.  It is a nicer looking bag with a longer strap that loops across my body.  I always keep the bag to the inside of the footpath with my hand on it at all times.

I would recommend choosing a design that has RFID technology and is preferably made from a fabric that the strap cannot be easily cut for the safest type of wallet.

The Cunning Hideaways

If you like the idea of keeping your daily money within easy access while keeping the bulk of your money in a safer more hidden location, you may prefer some other cunning alternative ways to hide your travel money with these travel safety wallet variations.

Some can be looped onto your bra*, used as a belt*, hidden in your underwear*, camouflaged as a wrist sweatband* or inside a scarf*.

Keep your valuables safe while sleeping with these…

Top Trip Tips: Choosing a Travel Wallet

When choosing the best travel wallet for your trip consider:

  1. Your style of travel
  2. The activities you have planned during your travel research
  3. The ease of accessing your travel money
  4. How safe you will feel with your choice of travel wallet

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  1. We have a couple of Travel-On cross body bags that have taken many trips with us. We love the style, convenience and safety. Besides that, Rob doesn’t even carry a wallet, and doesn’t keep everything in one pocket. So it’s hard for pickpockets to target what to pick – there’s no bulge in the pocket. Some good options here, though! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Great tip Ann to spread your money about in different pockets and bags. At least if the pick pocketers get to one source of money they haven’t stolen all your money.

  2. Great article! Lots to think about. You kinda freaked me out when you mentioned our credit cards being scanned! Yikes! #theweeklypostcard

    1. It’s kinda scary what they are capable of doing these days Hilary. You just have to stay aware.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Sally. I’m in need of a new wallet and you have some nice once here.

    1. What type of wallet are you looking for Anda? A traditional style, a purse or cross over body version and why?

  4. Thanks for these tips, Sally! I will mention it in my own post on safety tips in Ecuador and Colombia!

    I have a money belt but rarely used it while travelling in South America because it was at times visible under my clothes (and I wear loose t-shirts!) and kept riding up. I used the Pacsafe cross-body bag as well or just kept some cash in my jacket’s inner pockets. No need to worry about RFID if you haven’t got cards 😉

    I like the creative cunning hideaway ideas. The Ecuadorean women I know kept their wallets in their bras!

    1. Thank you for the mention Michelle, much appreciated.
      Please note: I have just changed to https for site increased site speed.

  5. So many great options. I try to carry as little cash and valuables as possible to be safe. I like the idea of the ones that you can hide away. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    1. I’m the same Anisa, I only head out for the day with a little cash.
      The hideaway ones are great if you are backpacking or similar and don’t want to leave your valuables in your room.

  6. I am all about the crossbody bags. Like you mentioned, I have one well built with tons of pockets. In addition, it has decent storage space so I can can fit random stuff if needed. I have a money belt an use it when I want an extra layer of protection for my documents. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. What brand of crossbody bag do you use Ruth? I’m a fan of the cross body myself and love lots of pockets to keep everything organised.

  7. Oh I like the idea of a money belt that attaches to your bra! That could definitely come in handy – although difficult to get money out of depending on where it went! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Yes, I agree it would be difficult to get to your money Lolo. But handy if you wanted to carry extra cash or credit cards with you that you wanted to keep safe but weren’t really on intending to use that day.

  8. I remember the bum bag in the 90s hahah! For wallets, I don’t carry a fancy-looking one because I don’t want to tempt thieves. I like the cross-body bag and there are some nice-looking ones that you can carry when you go out to dine in the evening 🙂

    1. Good safety tip Kat – plain and simple to keep prying eyes away.

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