8 Essential Things to Pack for a Trip

I have travelled a lot over the years whether it be as a young backpacking singleton, a flash-packing couple or on family road trips. But no matter what the trip I have discovered some essential gadgets for travel that I use over and over again.

I’m going to share with you my favourite essential things to pack for a trip that make travel easier. Easier for packing, easier for washing, easier for picnicking and easier to have everything powered up and ready to go.

So, whether you are backpacking, camping or staying in luxury accommodation you’ll want these extra essentials included on your travel packing checklist no matter whether you are a solo, couple or family traveller. 

In this Article You Will Learn:

  • Eight essentials things to pack for travel
  • What to consider when purchasing these essential travel items
  • Why you should include these in your travel packing

essential travel gadgets for any trip. Include these things in your travel packing checklist.
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The Essential Items You Should Include When Packing for Travel

1. Multipurpose Tool

These handy little tool sets have evolved considerably since they first came out.  You’ll find attachments for knives, screwdrivers, tweezers, scissors, pincers, bottle openers and even a corkscrew.  You never know when you are going to need one of these tools.  They are really helpful for road trips and camping, but also for the backpacker or luxury traveller  – you never know when this essential travel tool will come in handy on a trip.  Snack and drinks anyone?


Top Trip Tip: Do your research into buying one of these nifty multi-tools for your vacation as they come in varying models with different attachments.

2. Head Lamp

I first saw these on “The Amazing Race” a few years back.  Contestants were able to go about their tasks in the dark without having to hold a flashlight – it was strapped to their heads.  Whilst you may not be doing anything so ambitious, the headlamp* is really handy.  You can use it as a reading light when staying in a dormitory as a backpacker or wanting to read a book on your hotel balcony in the evening.  It is also handy for the camper who has arrived late into a holiday park having to set up the tent in the dark or just wants to cook dinner at the BBQ’s that don’t have sufficient lighting.  Think that as a luxury traveller, you don’t have a need for a headlamp, what about heading back from the restaurant late at night along dimly lit pot-holed-filled roads?

Top Trip Tip: Some headlamps require batteries and others recharging, check your preference before buying

3. Universal Multiport Charger

These days we travel with so many electric mobile devices you’ll have more to recharge than just your headlamp, there’s your phone, iPad, laptop and camera.   Fortunately, many of these have a USB cable attachment.  This means that the days of having to pack a bulky power board into your luggage are gone and instead you can save packing space by using a universal travel charging dock.

Top Trip Tip: If you are looking to save space choose a slimline or compact cube-shape

4. Power Adapter

I just mentioned power outlets.  Yes, they are different in different regions around the world.  But, you can use your own appliances you just need to include a power adapter onto your essential travel things packing checklist.

The power adapter shown below is for US appliances.  If your appliances are not American then I suggest you buy an adapter in your home country.  You can find power adapters in hiking and travel shops or usually in the duty-free shop at the airport.

Top Trip Tip: To find the correct adapter for the country you are travelling to have a look at this power adapter comparison chart.

5. Reading, Music and More

If you are travelling with your phone or iPad why not use it to store your music, read books, magazines, and games for entertainment?  A few years back I would have said, “don’t forget to pack a book, magazine and puzzle/gamebooks”.  But now, instead of having to add all that weight into your travel gadget packing, you can just upload your entertainment to your mobile device.

But including these essential entertainment options in your travel budget can get pricey.  So why not have a fixed set fee to help prevent overspending on your trip.

Top Trip Tip: Don’t forget to download the appropriate App onto your mobile device to gain access to your music etc

6. Organisation

With all these essential extras packed in your luggage along with your clothes, toiletries and medical kit things are going to get messy pretty soon and have trouble finding anything without a little organisation in your suitcase or backpack.  These colourful travel packing cube sets* come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your individual needs.  You’ll find packing cubes large enough for your clothes, another for shoes and some even for dirty laundry. Click HERE to find toiletry bag colours and options*.

Top Trip Tip: If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to organisational bags try ziplock plastic bags.  Ziplock bags are also handy for keeping liquids from spilling or packing lunches.

7. Pegless Clothesline

I have been raving about this handy little travel essential for years.  I was given a pegless clothesline* when I first backpacked around Europe 20+ years ago.  Every night I would hand wash my clothes and hang them on the pegless clothesline strung across the end of my dormitory bed.  I still use the pegless clothesline today as a family traveller (who more often than not is travelling in a bit more of a luxurious style).  These days I use it hang out our swimwear after a day by the pool.  This tiny travel accessory is a must-have for your travel packing.

Top Trip Tip: For versatility choose a pegless clothesline that offers suction caps and hooks to attach the clothesline

8. The Most Versatile Travel Accessory

Finally, for a really versatile trip essential to be included in your travel packing I would highly suggest the sarong.  There is more to this piece of fabric than you can imagine.

  • Use it instead of a beach towel for space-saving travel packing
  • As a tablecloth or picnic blanket when eating outside
  • As a wrap for modesty when making your way to the resort pool
  • To show respect when entering religious sites by covering up
  • As a curtain screen for sleeping children

You’ll find all these essential things to pack for a vacation included on the ultimate travel packing list.

Essential Things to Pack for a Trip| Include these Must-Have Items in Vacation Checklist | Pack These Travel Gadgets
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  1. Loved this list! My headlamps came in super handy in Ecuador – where I was volunteering, there are no street lamps so most people use the light from their mobile phone to get around after dark. It’s basically impossible to do anything requiring two hands after dark outdoors. And when there was a power outage, they had to use candles! I gave them a headlamp when I left and they were SO happy.

    I have a pegless clothesline too (with hooks) but I always had trouble trying to find a place to hook them on =/ Maybe one with suction cups and hooks would be better.

  2. we do pack more or less all things you mention. The only thing that was useless on our trip to Norway was the headlamp… We were in summer and basically, it’s only dark for an hour or so 😉

    1. Good point Shere, hadn’t considered if you are visiting destinations like the northern summer sun then you may not need some items.

  3. Do the suction cups work for the clothesline? I’ve been thinking of purchasing one, but I’m always skeptical that it will hold up to the weight of wet clothes.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I honestly can’t promise that the suction cups do work as my pegless clothesline only has the hooks.
      The image of the pegless clothesline I showed has hooks and suction cups. To use the hooks I wrap the end of the clothesline around a pole (shower head, balcony balustrade even the bed head ends of my hostel dormitory bed) and then hook the hook back over the clothesline – I hope that makes sense.
      So I would suggest purchasing a clothesline with the hook option.
      let me know how you go.

  4. My husband loves to take his multipurpose took with him if you can check in luggage. However, we can’t take it with us when we travel with a carry-on. We never leave home without our power chargers however. They are very handy. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Thanks for the reminder about sharp tools needing to go in checked luggage Anda. I will add that to the article.

  5. Ooh the clothesline would be good to get! We often bring a small water bottle of laundry soap but then have nowhere to hang our wet clothes! #TheWeeklyPostcard!!

    1. You’ve got to et one Lolo, they scrunch up smaller than the palm of your hand, so little weight or space taken in your luggage

  6. I definitely agree on the power charger! I don’t ever leave home without mine, it has come in so handy, so many times. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. This day and age we sadly cannot do without the power charger Anisa, would be nice to switch off though sometimes.

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