Where Should I Vacation: How to Find a Travel Destination

You have the itch to explore the world.  You’ve got your annual leave booked.  You’ve set up a savings plan to travel.  Now you’re wondering where should I travel?

The ideal vacation travel destination is different for everybody.  What sounds like a great adventure for a young single, sounds like a total nightmare for a family with toddlers.  What conjures up images of peaceful education for one couple, maybe a total bore for a party-going traveller.

Just as each person’s travel dreams are different, so too will be where to find the ideal travel destination.  So just how do you find your supreme trip hotspot?

In this Article on Finding Where to Travel You Will Learn:

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Finding Inspiration on Where to Travel

TV Programs and Movies

You may be thinking you’re just chilling out and relaxing watching a flick.  But the setting of the movie can inspire you to see you visit those locations.

Think Eat Pray Love*; a gastronomic tour of Italy, finding inner peace in India or cycling through the rice paddies in Bali or Letters to Juliet* where Amanda Seyfried’s character dashes all over Rome.  Lonely Planet‘s article Jet-Setting Seven Decades of Iconic Flims showcases films that have inspired people’s desire to travel over the years.

Or perhaps it’s something more simple like an episode of Modern Family that has inspired you to see Australia.  For me, it was watching a series of episodes on Days of Our Lives set in Chitchen Itza, Mexico – although it did take me 15 years to fulfil that travel dream 🙂

People climbing the stairs of the temple in Chitchen Itza Mexico
El Castillo – Chitchen Itza


Just as a movie can inspire you to travel with its scenic location shots, so too can a novel inspire you with its story settings.

Whether it is a murder mystery like Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express*, a memoir like Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun* (Francis buys a rundown Tuscan villa to refurbish whilst discovering a new culture), or a jolly romp like Shirley Valentine and One for the Road(where Shirley runs away from life to the Greek islands).  All these books plus Eat Pray Love* take you the reader on holiday with them, making you just itching to see it all for yourself.

Discover more…

Travel Shows

Another way to be virtually taken on holiday is with a visual tour by a travel journalist.  Here in Australia, the TV show Getaway has been on our screens for over 20 years.  Inspiring us with far-off travel destinations to explore.  These types of travel shows often share a variety of travel styles for a range of age groups in diverse locations.  Whether it’s road-tripping through the outback, cruising along the river Seine, swimming in the warm water of the Maldives, to being pampered in top day spas, there is something for everyone and anyone.

You can find lots of binge-worth travel series on Amazon Prime* like

I was even inspired by a travel program to take a river cruise down the Nile.  For me, it was the perfect way to explore Egypt (even with a sprained ankle).

Woman standing in front of very tall statue in Karnac Temple in Egypt
Statue of Rames ll at Karnak Temple

Newspaper Travel Guides

Perhaps though whilst the destination sounds appealing the travel style that you have seen does not.  This requires you to do a bit more research.

So whilst flipping through the weekend newspapers check out the travel liftout.  With time on your side over the weekend peruse the articles and even the ads.  See if anything tickles your fancy in travel destinations, types of holidays or even just a hotel chain that you would like to explore further.  Then again it could just be a fantastic special offer, like the ones we often have in Western Australia for Bali.

green rice terraces in Bali with red plants in the foreground
Desa Pekraman Tegallalang – Terrace Rice Fields, in Bali

Friends and Family

Then again over the weekend, you could be catching up with family and friends.  This can also be another source of travel inspiration.  Whenever friends and family return from travels they are always eager to share their experiences.  Or by chance, you enjoyed the photos one of your friends shared on Facebook.  Just remember everyone has their own travel style so whilst your travel style may not match that of your family and friends, parts of their travel could be enough to inspire you to visit a particular location.

For us taking a family holiday to Penang was initially inspired by my youngest sister commenting that Penang was one of her favourite family holiday destinations.  That was enough for me to start researching Penang for our holiday.  T then turned the travel idea into our family holiday style.  By the way – we loved Penang so much that we went back again a few years later.

A row of golden statues in Buddah temple in Penang, Malaysia
Inside Dharmikarama Burmese Temple – Penang

Travel Expo’s

If you have a vague idea of where or how you would like to travel a travel expo could point you further in the right direction.  Some expos cost money to enter whilst others are free – put on by travel agencies in the hopes of getting to book a holiday through them.

Travel Blogs

And of course, you are now currently reading a travel blog.  There are literally thousands of travel blogs out there all shouting about great travel destinations.  Each travel blog has its own unique style.  Over time you will discover travel blogs that just gel with you, and sign up for their e-newsletters for updates (you can sign up for mine at the bottom of the page or HERE).

But don’t rule out the ones that you think aren’t your travel style, because as I have said before you are looking for inspiration on where to travel.  Someone else’s travel experience doesn’t have to perfectly match your style as it may just become your perfect travel inspiration.


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  1. Travel blogs are definitely where it’s at with getting inspirations, they just always feel so real and look so inviting. But I also enjoy watching videos of where people go to so I also surf around youtube travel vlogs too. Great list!

    1. YouTube is a great idea, Yvonne. Especially as you can see for real what is actually at a destination.

  2. I love reading Travel novels and blogs but have to admit that my Travel bucket list is so long I don’t need any inspiration, just a bigger bank balance. Some great tips! #MondayEscapes

    1. Haha Andrea, I hear you. My wish list is forever growing as well.

  3. I used to love reading the newspaper travel guides! (And writing a few of them). Now I hardly buy the paper anymore, I should get back into it! #MondayEscapes

    1. Buy one this weekend Katherine. There’s nothing like sitting back with a coffee and ploughing through all the liftouts – including the travel section.

  4. I went down this list and said ‘yes’ to them all. My top place for travel inspiration is definitely other blogs, followed closely by friends and films. Thanks for sharing this on #MondayEscapes

    1. Where have you been as a result of a blog recommendation Clare?

  5. Budget is usually the main deciding factor with regards to where we go on holiday, but inspiration can be drawn from many of the things you’ve mentioned here. My bucket list is so long! 🙂

    1. Yes budget will have the final deciding factor on where you choose to go on holiday Elizabeth. But you will enjoy travelling more if you have the desire to see a place and its attractions, it’s then just a small matter 😉 of making it fit your budget.

  6. Lately, I am finding travel inspiration on blogs and social media (Pinterest and Instagram). The thing is that people who are experts in certain area can give a tips that are the real deal. Sometimes, I feel like guidebooks are compromised or written on a specific line. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Seeing great pictures on social media is a fun way to be inspired about a destination Ruth. As for the guide books – I think you have to find a book that matches your travel philosophy. If you are unsure which brand of guide book that is, start at your local library and borrow the books for free – basically test before you buy.

  7. I find travel inspiration from many different places but I have found that travel blogs give different perspectives and very useful information that can’t be found elsewhere. Travel blogs are my “go to” for research and rank at the top for inspiration as well.

    1. I like that you point out that different travel blogs offer different perspectives of the same destination Rhonda. Basically, if you do you research you will gain a thorough understanding of your destination and which places are of interest for you to visit.

  8. Travel blogs are my #1 source of travel inspiration with books and movies coming in 2nd. Funnily enough, this week’s blog post for me starts with how I was inspired by a movie. I’ve never been to a travel expo. I think it would make me want to go EVERYWHERE. #WkendTravelInspiration

    1. Wow Michele, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I never thought of that movie for travel inspiration – but then that is my theory that just relaxing watching a simple movie can inspire your next travel inspiration or a holiday years down the track.

  9. I’m always looking for travel inspiration wherever I can find it. I probably draw on books and movies more than anything else. Though sometimes I like to just look at a map and see where I can go. Thanks for linking up this week with #wkendtravelinspiration!

    1. Any particular books or movies that have inspired your recent travels, Jim?

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