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Clothes hanging across a rope in the field

Mastering the Art of Washing Clothes While Travelling

Embarking on a journey is exhilarating, but let’s face it—keeping your clothes fresh on the road can be agitating.  Over the years, my travel style has spun around and around, and with it, my battle against the perpetual cycle of dirty laundry evolved. Whether I’m backpacking through unknown territories, cruising on a road trip, enjoying…

messy hotel room with belongings on the tables

Travel Organisation Tips: How to Stay Neat and Tidy

When you travel you are supposed to be excitedly exploring new places or taking time out to relax.  But if you keep coming back to your accommodation that looks like a bomb has gone off, then how can you possibly focus on enjoying the experience?  Essentially you can’t.  What you need is a neat and…

row of mountain bikes with helmets on grass

Cycling Tips for Beginners

If you are anything like me you probably rode a bike when you were young, but also like me you haven’t gotten on a bike for many years.  However, whilst we have travelled, we’ve considered cycling tours and hiring bikes to explore a region.  But, I must admit I haven’t felt overly safe or confident…

hotel pool surround by hotels rooms

How to Find Accommodation that’s Right for You and Your Budget

When I discover a new place to visit I am so excited about the prospect of exploring all these new sites.  But like you, as the idea of a new travel destination starts to become reality, the research starts to become overwhelming with the number of choices you are faced. One of the most essentials…

A suitcase filled with sand and lounge and umbrella in sand

The Pre-Travel Checklist PDF: Things to Do Before You Travel

You’ve spent months planning, researching and booking your trip.  Now as the final few months and weeks wiz by, the worry of what to do before you travel builds. I am going to share with you my pre-travel checklist that I use on every trip thereby helping you to navigate all the things to do…

How to Prepare for My First-Time Camping – A Beginners Guide

How to Prepare for My First-Time Camping – A Beginners Guide

Learn how to go camping for the first time with this beginner’s guide to camping. As it has been quite some time (well over 20 years) since I last went camping, I have asked Tadej Kozar from Camping Valley to share his top tips for first-time campers.  You can learn more about Tadej at the…

A list of international travel documents to pack

The Must-Have International Travel Document Checklist: with Printable PDF

As many of us are now booking our international travel online, it is up to us to ensure we have the correct travel documentation.  If you use a travel agent they should be directing you to have the correct documents – but ultimately it is still up to you to have the right international travel documents. …

travel landscape photography tips for beginners

10 Great Travel Landscape Photography Tips for Amateurs

Landscape photography is often the first type of photography that beginners try, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy option or one that everyone finds a connection to. Landscape photography lends itself very well to travelling, as it doesn’t require complicated lighting gear – all you really need is a camera and a tripod to…

6 Hidden Travel Costs: So You Don’t Blow Your Travel Budget

6 Hidden Travel Costs: So You Don’t Blow Your Travel Budget

I love to travel – no secret there.  I am sure you love to travel as well.  But how well do you plan your travel budget?  Are you prepared for all the travel costs? You take the time to plan the basics of your trip.  You need to research your travel plans to the nth degree,…

Travel Luggage: Tips for Choosing the Best for You

Travel Luggage: Tips for Choosing the Best for You

When it comes to choosing the best travel luggage to buy there is no one size fits all. Finding the right luggage or suitcase is personal.  I have found that my choices for travel bag styles have altered over the years, according to my travel needs.  When I took a road trip around Australia, I…

taking notes in front of computer with a coffee

5 Steps on How to Research Travel Destinations

Researching a travel destination can seem overwhelming. Which attractions are the best to visit, how are you going to get around, which is the best location to stay at, let alone which accommodation to book, and not to mention booking flights, car hire and train trips. There’s so much to plan before you book a…

Six Reasons Why Buy Travel Insurance. Learn Why You May Need Travel Insurance.

6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Necessary

You’ve just booked your holiday vacation.  You’re excited and can’t wait to go.  But there’s one more thing to do before you can tick off “√ booked travel plans”.  It’s to purchase travel insurance.  The sooner you buy your travel insurance the sooner your entire trip is covered. You may be thinking, but why do I…

The travel section of the newspaper, ipad with travel blog, travel novel Eat Pray Love all inspiration on how to find a travel destination

Where Should I Vacation: How to Find a Travel Destination

You have the itch to explore the world.  You’ve got your annual leave booked.  You’ve set up a savings plan to travel.  Now you’re wondering where should I travel? The ideal vacation travel destination is different for everybody.  What sounds like a great adventure for a young single, sounds like a total nightmare for a…