11 Gift Ideas for Summer Fun

The weather is warming up and it is time to start thinking about enjoying the outdoors this summer.  To achieve the summer fun goal you need the right gear.  You don’t want to burn to a crisp at the beach, get eaten by ants in the park or have the kids drive you nuts with cries of “I’m bored” let alone you be bored at the park.

So get yourself, family and friends started by preparing for summer with these fun and useful summer gift ideas for the beach, park and outdoor adventures.

In this Article Find Fun Summer Gift Ideas:

Lots of people at the beach sunbaking on rocks and sitting on white sand under umbrellas
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Preparing for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, meaning it is almost time to bare your body to the world again.  This often means many of us to decide to restart exercising again whether that be in a gym, in the park or following YouTube workout videos at home.

No matter which location you will need some comfortable workout clothes, gym shoes, possibly some exercise equipment and a towel.  Exercise towels are required in gyms to help place a hygienic barrier between you and the exercise equipment and also to wipe the sweat off your brow. 

Traditional terry cloth towels are bulky in your gym bag and become smelly.  To help combat these two issues Tesalate^ (an Australian towel brand that delivers worldwide) has developed a new gym towel, we were recently given a couple to try out.

The workout towel fabric has been designed with the inclusion of Zinc, this acts as an antibacterial agent meaning they are effective against bacteria and also the growth of fungi including algae, mould and mildew that causes odour buildup.

The gym towels are 100x45cm in size, folding up to a compact 15x10cm and only 2cm thick.  There are over 28 different designs to choose from.  My husband says his Ignito^ style fits perfectly on the gym workout machinery perfectly and what he loves most is how compact it is to carry to the gym.  While I use my Tropic Like it’s Hot^ towel when following YouTube workouts at home, it provides the perfect barrier over the carpet when completing floor exercises.

Colourful Tesalate towel for workouts with hand weights
Tesalate workout towel

With the towel being so compact it makes the perfect item to add to a summer gift basket.  Keep reading for more ideas to add to your gift hamper.

Beach Gift Ideas

1. Beach Towel

These gym towels are not the first time we have tried a Tesalate product.  The beach towels are excellent and make a great summer gift.  The full size beach towels measuring 160x80cm (689x31in) are compact, ultra-absorbent, quick drying and for added bonus sand free – yep no getting up from laying on the beach and having to shake your towel vigorously, these towels the sand just slips off.

There are over 50 designs so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

towel and beach bag on the sand at the beach

2. Swimming Costume

Of course, if you are going to the beach you will need a swimming costume.  Unfortunately, swimming costumes do wear out every year or two so they make the perfect stocking filler to bulk out the Christmas gifts for the kids for an item you have to buy anyway.

Check out these costume options for the whole family*.

3. Tote

Now that you are dressed for the occasion there are a few more items you will need to take to complete your day at the beach.  Like water bottle, a book to read*, sunscreen, then you’ll be wanting to add your keys and phone before you hit the water.  To keep it all together and not lose anything in the sand a lightweight waterproof beach tote bag* solves the problem.

4. Shade

Once you get out of the water, protect yourself from the sun with an umbrella or beach tent*.

Ensure you don’t forget anything for your summer day out with the…

Picnic Gifts

Picnics are another great way to get outside and enjoy summer.  But not everyone is geared up with the right equipment.

5. Picnic Basket

First up you need a picnic basket.  Preferrable one that keeps your food and drinks cool and includes crockery and cutlery.  As an added bonus I love the ones that are on wheels.

Or alternatively, if you are planning on a hike choose a style that is incorporated in a backpack.

6. Chairs and Table

When you get to the picnic spot you will need to setup.  Many locations provide picnic tables, however, there are only a limited number and more often than not somebody else has staked their claim to the table.

Avoid disappointment and gift picnic a picnic table and chairs.  They don’t have to be bulky and heavy.  I have a collapsible aluminium table that roles up*. 

Then you’ll need some lightweight folding chairs.  Some options for outdoor chairs even have a small foldout table for your drink and snack.

7. Picnic Blanket

Or you could just take a picnic blanket to sit on the grass.  Picnic blankets also make a great option the kids to spread out.

Top Trip Tip: Tesalate also offers extra-large towel (160cmx160cm) that makes a great picnic blanket and fits easily into your day bag

Don’t forget a thing for your picnic use the…

8. Outdoor Games Ideas

Another way to get outside and enjoy summer is to play some outdoor games.  Choose a game you love for a gift and hopefully your friends and family will invite you over to play.  A few outdoor game ideas include the following and most are compact, and come in a carry case so they are great to take on picnics and road trips.

Top Trip Tip: Think about the physical size of the game, does it have a carry bag and how it will be used by the recipient

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Summer Gift for Kids

One thing all parents agree is that kids tend to spend too much time on devices, summer is the perfect time to encourage them to get more active by choosing some entertaining outdoor gifts for kids.

9. Beach Toys

Earlier we talked about spending time at the beach.  If you’re buying for a family with kids’ consider these beach gift ideas for kids.

10. In the Park

11. At Home Fun

If there’s a pool:

Or create some water fun

Find more ideas for kids with these…

I’m sure by now you are feeling a lot less overwhelmed with the thought of what to put in a summer gift basket for family and friends with these fun ideas.

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