Guest Post Guidelines

At Tips 4 Trips my aim is to help others have the best holiday possible.

I also like to be able to inspire and offer advice through my experiences and travels.

However, sadly I cannot travel 365 days a year.  So I ask fellow travel bloggers to share their travel experiences and travel tips.

Write a Guest Post for Tips 4 Trips

If you would like to write a guest post for Tips 4 Trips sharing your experiences, photos and tips for travel in your favourite destination please ensure you meet the following guidelines.

Guest post guidelines:

  • You MUST have your own travel blog.
  • The post MUST offer travel tips.
  • All images need to be credited.
    • If you cannot provide your own photos you will need to find open source photos and provide accreditation.  Not sure where to start?  I use Pexels.
  • You may include two additional links to your blog in the post which needs to relate to the article
  • NO affiliate links.
  • Any further additional links (ie. not your blog links) will be “NO FOLLOW” unless deemed as an authority website.
  • You will need to provide:
    • A profile picture of yourself
    • A short Bio about yourself
    • A Link to your blog/website
    • Links to all your social media

Tips 4 Trips will provide:

  • A notation at the top of the post that this a guest post by you and provide a permanent link to your blog.
  • Full accreditation of words and pictures.
  • Your own contributor page.
  • Links to your blog/website and all social media.
  • Scheduled social media promotion of the post.
    • I expect you to also share the post.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

* Please Note: if you do not meet these guidelines then your article will be considered as advertising.

To place a request for a Guest Travel Blogger Post please complete the contact form below.

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