How to Start Fishing: Tips and Equipment for Beginners

We have recently taken several road trips where fishing has been an optional activity and my son has expressed interest in learning to fish.  However, I just don’t quite know what you need to start fishing. 

So, I have asked Alec Greg from Flip Outdoor to share his top tips on how to start fishing.  You can learn more about Alec at the bottom of the post.

Has your interest in fishing gotten keener? Do you want to learn more about fishing hacks, pro tips, and fun facts? Here are some know-hows regarding fishing in a bird’s eye view!

Be it for a hobby or profession, we have come up with several essential tips on how to fish for beginners.

In this Article on How to Start Fishing You Will learn

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Beginner Fishing Tips

Let’s “lure”!

Well, if you use some common sense, you will know that having a proper lure with the perfect colour, size, and shape is crucial. Why?


Choose your lure which matches the colour of the water. Now, you might be wondering about the colour of the water you will be fishing in.

If the water is crystal clear, then, choosing white, off-white, or pearl works great. If the water is green intact, going for chartreuse or a slightly lime colour can be a wise choice. The root beer colour is great for tannic-stained water bodies.

Size and shape

After deciding on the colour, you need to be specific regarding the size and shape of the lure. If you are fishing in a larger water body, then, a big and heavy lure suits you best. Smaller water bodies can be dealt with small and compact lures.


Top Trip Tip: Research your fishing location

Time is your deciding factor

Knowing when to fish can be a great start as it pumps your zeal for fishing amazingly up! So, if you are starting your fishing venture in hot, humid, and sunny summers, your key point is to look for places that are cool and shady.

Like humans, fish also tend to reach out to cool, breezy, and shady places in summer and that’s where they will be active.

Be an early bird and choose your timing to reach the place for fishing during the early mornings. You can find varieties of fish floating, swimming, or simply playing! For those who are not a morning person, going late at night works like a magic!

Sharpening is the key!

Most people consider this key point as a basic lesson but still fail to implement it. You need to make sure that each and every hook to take along is perfectly sharp. Either buy new ones or be a smarty pant and try honing your old hook making it sharp.

Most people gracefully ignore this very point and go fishing anyway. We are sure they might catch ample fish. But, by honing the hooks, the probability of catching the fish just goes high.

Equipment to Include in a Fishing Starter Kit

Now that you are well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of fishing tips, let’s dive deep into the must-have fishing equipment for beginners.

equipment laid out on table for fishing starter kit
Fishing starter kit equipment

Basic essentials

The very first thing you need to focus on owning is a good quality fishing rod, line, and reel.

Teaming a lightweight reel and line works best for targeting smaller fish. If you are planning to enhance your fishing skills, then, aim for “heavier” and go for bulky ones.

It all depends on the size of fish you want to catch and your interest in fishing. For a beginner, it is good to start with baby steps by choosing smaller tools.

Unhooking tool

Now that you are celebrating your joyous venture of catching your first fish, do not forget to take along a tool to unhook! So, unhook the caught fish, you need to have hemostats* or pliers.

Cut it right

Now that your basic kit is ready, you need to add in nippers or nail clippers that help to cut the fishing line.

Top Trip Tip: To keep all your fishing items organised, use a dedicated fishing tackle box*

Just in case

Well, by successfully collecting the basic essentials to go fishing, you need to be prepared for all those “Just in case” moments! So, carrying an extra fishing line, reel, hooks, and lures don’t leave you disappointed.

You may like to include a…


As the water bodies generally host beings other than fish, it’s evident to carry some bug sprays and sun-protection creams. If you want to enhance your fishing fun even more, then grab some snacks to munch on!

So you don’t forget any of your personal items use the…


Having a hobby is priceless. Cultivating and nurturing this small happiness requires some effort. Fishing, as a hobby is great for every age group as it is inexpensive, easy to learn, and fun to implement!

Although it might seem a bit tricky, you can crack the deal by simply following these basic agendas. All you need to own is proper gear, kit, and of course, a license for fishing.


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