Travel Gifts for Kids: Toddlers to Teens

Kids.  We all know them.  They are either our own children, our nieces, nephews or a close friend’s child.  And at some point in time, you will have to buy them a gift.

Searching for Christmas, holiday and birthday gift ideas for kids can be daunting.  But start by thinking about how the child spends their time or what special events happen in their lives – like a family vacation.

Buying a travel gift for a child is practical, and useful and will be appreciated by both the kids and the parents.  Because kids’ travel presents ultimately provide helpful trip accessories and travel activities for the family vacation.

Not sure where to start with finding kids’ travel gift ideas?  We’re here to help with over 19 travel gifts for kids and families.

In this article discover great travel gift ideas for kids’:

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Travel Gift Ideas for Kids and Families

Kids Travel Bags

When you travel with kids you’ll end up with all sorts of extra paraphernalia that you have to include in your travel packing for kids on top of all these wonderful travel accessories for children that are listed below.  To help organise all this stuff for your travelling child, why not pop it into the kids own travel bags.  Kids love to have and be responsible for their own travel luggage – it makes your child feel important.

Hand luggage* makes a practical travel gift for kids.  There are some really bright and colourful options available for all age groups.

Toddlers and PreSchoolers

Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love themed travel bags.  Or for younger kids, the Trunki range* of kids travel accessories also offer some funky backpacks and neck pillows for kids.

Tweens and Teens

Whilst tweens and teens will be wanting something a bit more grown-up but will still love the playfulness of colourful patterned bags*.

Discover the best options for

Travel Books for Kids

When travelling with kids the trick is to keep them occupied whilst stuck in sedentary situations – flying, road trips and eating out.  It’s all hard for an active little person to stay still for such great lengths of time.  So ensure you’ve got activities that are easy to carry yet can be fun and even educational activities* to entertain your child at length.

Sticker and Activity Books

Kids of all ages love sticker books*.  They make a cheap and easy gift for travelling kids.


Once the kids get a bit older they’ll enjoy colouring books, mazes*, word sleuths and search-and-find books*.

Colouring Sets

Add a set of colouring markers or pencils and you’ve given a lovely kids travel gift.

Kids Travel Books

Elaborating even further on the activity books are the range of kids travel books now available.  Lonely Planet offers a selection of kids travel books for some countries*.

I’ve also found this range of travel guides that are aimed at older kids*. 

Travel Journal

Another quiet activity for kids on vacation is to write a travel journal.  You can even get the kids started on this when they are young by just buying a scrapbook and taking a glue stick and some colouring markers.  Then get them to draw a picture about the day and stick in any entry tickets and passes obtained throughout the day.

As your children get older they can continue to develop their writing skills whilst on vacation by completing a travel journal.  Buy a kids’ travel journal* that will help prompt them along the way to encourage your child what to write about.

Reading Book

If all else fails all kids love a good storybook.  Search here to find your child’s favourite books*.

Travel Organisers

To keep all these activity books, travel journals, reading books and pencils and markers organised during your travels why not get a travel organiser.  Some even come with a little built-in table* – perfect for a road trip.  Whilst others will just hang on the back of a seat*.

Top Trip Tip: Don’t forget colouring pencils and markers

Toys and Games to Take on Vacation

But kids can’t spend all their time with a book in their hand they need to play.  Toys and specific travel games* are good kids travel gift ideas.


I have to say Lego is one of my favourite toys for kids.  It’s imaginative and creative.  It’s great for boys and girls.  And suits all age groups: there’s Duplo* for toddlers, Junior* for preschoolers, then regular Lego* for tweens and even Architecture* for teens and adults.  Lego comes with cars – no need to pack extra cars, with people – no need to pack extra dolls.  It’s universal for all and you can even buy a fun kids’ holiday gift with a vacation theme.

Lego Carry Case

The only issue with Lego is there are lots of pieces.  So we have a special Lego carry case* just for vacations.  It is a useful travel gift that fits within a suitcase or hand luggage and has compartments within the case to help sort the Lego.

Travel Games

You can also get travel games* for the entire family to play and make a great travel gift for tweens and teens.  There are lots of different travel card games* available.  For example UNO, Monopoly Cards, and Scavenger Hunt.

Other types of board games come in travel versions like Connect Four, Battleship, even Chess and Draughts.

Solitary Puzzle Games

If no one is wanting to play with you then these solitary puzzle games* are fun to stimulate the mind and keep older kids and adults happy for hours.

For more great ideas check out these…

Electronic Devices for a Family Vacation

I know many families try to avoid electronic gadgets whilst on a family vacation.  But just as many want to take their electronic devices.


If your family hasn’t already got an iPad, wouldn’t it make a great family Christmas present from Santa?  You can load it up with games, music, movies, even books.

Nintendo DS

Of course, not everyone can be on the iPad at the same time and tweens and teens love their electronic games.  A Nintendo DS makes a small travel gift that will easily fit into a suitcase.  If the kids already have a DS what about a new game to go with it.


The other issue with iPads can be the noise whether it’s a movie or a game.  So a set of headphones* is the answer and a nice little Christmas stocking filler for the travelling kid.


Finally to record all those great family vacation moments what about a camera?  Kids cameras* are robust and take OK photos.  You can get standard point-and-clicks or action pro versions.

So which travel kids gift ideas do you like the sound of for the child in your extended family?

Top Trip Tip: Set rules for usage before you leave home

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  1. This reminds me when I was a kid! I didnt do any travelling, as my parents couldnt afford it, but colouring sets were a massive hit! Its a great list for when I finally get a little one! Thanks Sally!

  2. Those tween suitcases are so cute. I remember going on long road trips and my mom’s “bag of gifts” she would dole out every so often to keep us kids entertained. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Your mum sounds like a clever woman Staci, she knew how to keep her kids happy and occupied during those long trips.

  3. These are great ideas! I think encouraging kids to keep a travel journal is a great idea – not only does it keep them quiet and occupied, they actually get to develop their writing skills as well! Win-win all around.

    1. Exactly Michelle. I also like to think it gets them to be a bit involved and take in what they are experiencing.

  4. I LOVE these travel bags for kids! They look so adorable. Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas, Sally. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  5. My kids are 9 and 11 and asking for cameras this year! And I love the little solitary games for stocking stuffers! Great ideas here!

    1. I’m glad you found some useful ideas for stocking fillers Julie (don’t forget this weekend is Black Friday – some great deals to be found on Amazon). I thought those robust looking Action Pros would be fun for my 9-year-old son.

  6. My kids are older now, but they loved the trunki when they were little. The most practical and fun thing we ever bought. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback on the Trunki Wendy. I’ve seen young kids on them at the airport and thought they were a much better and safer idea than how we would balance our son precariously on top of the hand luggage.

  7. So many cute travel items for kids these days! I just love those bags. I don’t think they made those when I was a kid! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Yes, there are so many cool travel accessories for kids these days Anisa.

  8. This is such a useful and timely post, thank you!

    1. Thanks Annabel. Don’t forget this weekend is Black Friday some great deals to be found online.

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