Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review (with Kids)

Air travel – it is both exciting yet arduous.  Exciting because it means you are off for an adventure to a new destination but arduous because basically nobody enjoys sitting in an economy seat for hours on end.  So it’s really important to choose the right airline for you.  That’s why I’ve put this Singapore Airlines economy class review together for you, to help in your decision-making of choosing the best flight for your trip.

In this Article Singapore Airlines Review of Economy Class You Will Learn:

A Singapore Airlines review of economy class from Perth to Singapore
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History of Singapore Airlines

From three flights out of Singapore, Singapore Airlines has grown into one of the world’s largest and most luxurious airlines.  It still continues to grow and expand today with new full-size suites about to be introduced.  So let’s go back to the beginning and discover where this airline began.

  • 1947: Malayan Airways Limites began with three flights from Singapore to KL, Ipoh and Penang (MAL)
  • 1948-55: More routes to Bangkok, Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Saigon, North Borneo, Sarawak, Mergui, Rangoon and Borneo.
  • 1963: Federation of Malaysia is formed and the airline was renamed Malaysian Airways Limited
  • 1966: Becomes Malaysian-Singapore Airlines (MSA)
  • 1970’s: Free headsets, food and drink in economy class and the Singapore Girl is introduced with the signature outfit of the sarong kebaya designed by Frenchman Pierre Balmain
  • 1971: First transcontinental flight to London
  • 1972: MSA separates into two airlines Malaysian Airline System (MAS) and Singapore Airlines
  • 1980’s The airline continues to grow with 747’s and A300’s and more flights
  • 1998: A revamp of in-flight food and introduction of seatback entertainment in economy class
  • 1999: The KrysFlyer loyalty program is introduced
  • 2001: The first airline to introduce entertainment on demand across all classes
  • 2009: Introduction of A330 with 55 seats in Business and 255 in Economy.  This is the aircraft type we are flying today.
  • 2013 onwards: Introduction of the A380 and A350 aircraft plus continual upgrades of in-cabin products, meals and facilities.

Pre Flight


When I begin looking for a flight, I start by assessing all the flights available to my destination.  I would suggest using a service such as CheapOair*.  Look at all the options available and then narrow down your selection according to your preferences e.g. full-service versus discount carrier and choice of flight time.  I explain in more detail how to research a trip HERE.

The reasons I choose to book my flights from Perth to Phuket with Singapore Airline are I want a full-service airline and to travel during the day so that I arrive at my destination in the afternoon – the perfect time to check into my accommodation.

Once decisions are made on airline and flight times you can then assess various airfare merchants to find the best price.  Look at online booking platforms like CheapOair*, go directly to the Singapore Airlines website and/or use a travel agent to put a package together that includes accommodation and transfers.

Then it is just a matter of waiting ‘til departure day.


Bright and early before the sun is even up we are standing in the check-in Singapore Airlines queue at Perth International Airport.  I could have used the online check-in Singapore Airlines service; an email was sent to me a few days earlier.  However, on previous occasions, I have had issues with checking a minor in online (we are two adults and one child) so I now just do it the old-fashioned way.

Fortunately, the check-in queue is quite small (no doubt because most make use of the online check-in) and we only wait a minimal time before we are at the counter.


Luggage allowance

Flying economy class with Singapore Airlines we are allowed 30kg of luggage each.  Huge!  This is most airlines’ business class luggage allowance.  If you are a Kris Flyer member and /or flying business class you are allowed even more.  So standing at the check-in counters we have no fear of exceeding our limits and having to pay for excess luggage.

Our friendly check-in agent swiftly tags our luggage and prints out boarding passes for both flights, this one from Perth to Singapore and our onward flight with SilkAir flying Singapore to Phuket.

The On-Board Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review

Cabin Luggage

Once our flight is called we board and make our way down the aircraft to our seats.  We find plenty of room in the overhead luggage compartments for our Singapore Airlines hand baggage allowance of one piece of luggage each plus a handbag or laptop bag.  For my son’s hand carry, we find the best option is to place the bag under the seat in front so that it is easily accessible throughout the flight.

These are the essentials we always…

Comfort and Seat Review

We are onboard an A330 (the seating configuration is 2-4-2) and have been assigned three seats together in the middle row – two middle and one aisle seat.

A complimentary blanket and pillow are found on each of our seats plus headphones in the seat pocket.  With a seat pitch of 32 inches and width of 19 inches, the seats are quite comfortable and very few people recline their seats further throughout the flight.

If you would like to understand more about what these dimensions mean check out this Australian Business Traveller article.


In front of us on the seatback, is the onboard Singapore Airlines entertainment system.  It works on demand by using the remote control located in the armrest or the touchscreen.  We are able to navigate through over 1000 movies, television shows, music and games.  My only complaint with the location of the remote is that I keep knocking it with my hips and the movie pauses.  It takes a few times before I realise I just need to leave the remote on my lap.

Other than that we love the choice of entertainment for all ages and demographics.

Singapore Airlines Economy Food and Drink

The other thing I appreciate is receiving complimentary food and drinks on board all flights, including a Singapore Airlines child meal.  There are actually five categories of special meal choices that you can pre-order.  Within each of these categories, there are further choices for Singapore Airline’s economy menus:

  • Baby, infants and child
  • Religious
  • Vegetarian
  • Dietary
  • Others include seafood and Japanese

Requesting a special meal can be easily done through the Manage Booking TAB on the airline website.  We do this to order a child’s meal, for the adult meals we take the default Singapore Airlines menu.


After take-off the cabin crew hand out copies of the Singapore Airlines economy class menu and confirm all special meal requests.  All the special economy meals are brought out before the main service begins.

Singapore Airlines child meal in economy consisting of crisps, juice, crackers dried fruit, freddo and bolognaise
Child’s Meal

We are offered a choice of sausages and eggs or a spicy noodle dish.  I choose the eggs, receive a cup of coffee and have juice on the meal tray along with fruit, yoghurt and bread.  The food on Singapore Airlines is pleasant – it is airline food after all.

At the end of breakfast, the trays are not left too long before the crew clean up and offers more hot beverages.

Throughout the remainder of the flight, the cabin crew are attentive to all call bells usually from fellow passengers (and me) requesting more water, juice and free alcoholic beverages.

Just before landing the crew make their way through collecting all the rubbish and ensuring the cabin is secure for arrival.

I am so excited that we have arrived in Singapore and really the Singapore Airlines economy class flight wasn’t that arduous with a pleasant meal, good service and great entertainment choices.

Top Trips Tips: Flying Singapore Airlines Economy Class

Once again I am pleased with my experience on Singapore Airlines.

To help make your flight better preparation is the key:

And have a pleasant flight 🙂

Aircarft of A330 Singapore Airlines economy class review
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