24 Taste Sensations a Margaret River Food Guide

The Margaret River Region in Western Australia’s South West has long been known for its great surfing and delicious wines.  But now it is becoming known for its home-made produce and tasty gourmet foods.

When we visit the South West Australian region one of the things to do in Margaret River that we love, is spending a day tasting Margaret River food from the local factories and gourmet food producers.

Join me as I share with you the best food producers so you can create your own Margaret River food tour.

In this Margaret River Food Guide Learn Where to Find

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If you’ve been checking out the wines then what better to go with your glass of wine than some Margaret River cheese?

1. Margaret River Dairy Company

The Margaret River Dairy Company has been producing locally made cheeses since 1966.  There is a large selection of cheeses and yoghurts to buy at the cheese factory.  Fortunately, they always have a number of cheeses out for free tastings so you can make an informed choice. 

The day we visit we taste creamy brie, cheddar, and full-flavoured vintage and choose to buy the stronger-flavoured port and smoked cheeses.

plates under clear domes with chopped up cheese to taste
Margaret River Dairy Company

2. Yallingup Cheese

A newer kid on the block is Yallingup Cheese who makes goat and organic cow’s milk cheeses.  There is a small fee for tastings which is refunded if you make a purchase.  On the day we visit, we try feta, brie, camembert, beer-soaked rind camembert and pecorino-style cheese.

What’s more, you can even learn how to make cheese in one of their cheese-making classes.

selection of four varieties of cheese at Yallingup Cheese
Yallingup Cheese

Jams and Chutneys – Preserves

To add to your cheese plate perhaps some preserves.

3. The Berry Farm – My Favourite

I first visited The Berry Farm nearly 20 years ago and fell in love with the delightful setting.  I sat outside in the pretty floral gardens, eating warm scones with jam and cream as little birds fluttered in to say “hello”.

These days it is still much the same though catering for a larger number of tourists with the choice of sitting inside by the cosy fire or outside on paved terraces under a sheltered trellis.  We find a timber outdoor table and watch the yellow-bellied Willy Wagtails before our plates arrive with the most delicious aroma of warm scones.  They are big, fluffy and just plain YUM.

Once upon a time, the shop and tastings room was quite small but now it is a large expanse with timber tables laden with jam and marmalade pots with pop sticks at the ready for tastings.  My favourite is the Strawberry Kirsh with its extra kick of flavour.  But there are also spicy sauces, vinegar and chutneys to indulge.

jars of pickles and preserves to taste at The Berry Farm
The Berry Farm

If you’ve got kids there is a kids’ corner with crafts or just outside is an adventure playground to keep them entertained.

nature playground made of wooded logs at the berry farm margaret river
Berry Farm playground

4. Providore

More jams and chutneys can be found at Providore this large store is very popular due to its business partner next door the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and its central location within the Margaret River Region.  They do of course have nice conserves, oils, vinegar and sauces to try.  It’s one of the reasons they also have two more stores – one in the Swan Valley and one in the Perth CBD.

Discover the…


5. Margaret River Chocolate Factory

This is the original Margaret River Chocolate Factory and it is usually packed full of people due to the fact they give away unlimited amounts of chocolate buds to taste – if you’ve got kids this will make their day! 

child spooning free chocolate buds
Margaret River Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory makes all its own chocolate on-site; you can see it being made through the viewing window.  There are also plenty of chocolate varieties to purchase including chocolate honeycomb, freckles, novelty moulded chocolate, sauces, chocolate dips and for when the kids have gone to bed – chocolate body paint.

6. Temper Temper

One of the newest chocolate factories in the Margaret River Region is Temper Temper.  Their unique selling point is that they source the highest quality of dark chocolate from around the globe.  You can taste chocolate from all over the world for free to help you to decide which bars of chocolate are for you.

lots of plates covered with glass domes filled with pieces of Margaret River chocolate to taste
Temper Temper

7. Gabriel

During our latest trip to Margaret River, we stop at Gabriel Chocolate.  Centrally located in the region this gourmet chocolate maker is the first to produce chocolate from the actual Cacao bean as opposed to cocoa powder, mass or butter.  You’ll find both milk and dark chocolate coming in a variety of flavours – think orange and mocha.

four plates of chopped up chocolate to taste at Gabriel Chocolate
Gabriel Chocolate

Top Trip Tip: If you’ve got kids include stops where the kids will also enjoy the tastings

Ice Cream

8. Gabriel

Gabriel Chocolate also makes the most divine silky smooth ice cream and of course, the chocolate-flavoured ice cream is made with their own chocolate.  But there are other flavours of ice cream as well.

9. Simmos

Meanwhile, Simmos has been making ice cream near Dunsborough in the Margaret River Region for 25 years.  It also makes a fun family day out with playgrounds and mini-golf.

10. Two Fat Cows

Two fat Cows is another ice creamery attached to the family fun park called XCape at the Cape.

11. Millers

Located in the dairy heart of the Margaret River Region near my favourite town called Cowaramup is Millars Ice Creamery.  TheMiller’s sold their cows and started making ice cream from locally sourced milk.  There is an adventure playground and fake milking cows for the littlies to play.

It is worth a visit just so you can spend an hour exploring this quaint town nicknamed “Cow Town.”

Cowaramup town park with black and white cow statues and iron sculpture


12. Lollies

Black and white cow statues line the streets of “Cow Town” and it is where you’ll find the Candy Cow an old-fashioned lolly store.  Assorted boiled lollies, brightly coloured chewy candy, fudge and nougat line the store’s walls and display tables.

wooden shelves stocked with jars of sweats
The Candy Cow

13. Fudge

Located in Margaret River town is a dedicated Fudge Factory that follows the traditional recipe for making fudge.

14. Nougat

At Bettenay Margaret River Nougat Company you can watch the nougat being made and then choose from over 35 flavours of nougat – some of which are available for tasting.


15. Nude Honey Co

These guys are really passionate about beekeeping and sell their Nude Honey Co locally produced honey flavours of Karri, Blackbutt, Jarrah and Wildflower within the Happs Pottery store. 

16. The Colony Concept

At Southern Forests Honey they don’t just make honey.  Whilst raw honey tasting is available in The Colony Concept store, there’s also honey wine, honey beer, ten varieties of locally made honey and honey-based personal products to use.


17. Morish

Morish Nuts is a Swan Valley food producer, but I did see their products for sale in Margaret River town at the Tourist Information Centre shop and at the Fudge Factory.

18. Margaret River Nuts and Cereals 

The only proper nut producer is Margaret River Nuts and Cereals which grows its own almonds and cereal mixes.  I have to say this wasn’t my favourite place when I visited here a few years back – the nuts were stale and the staff rude.  I haven’t been game to go back.

If you have been recently please tell us about your experience in the comments.

brown paper bags filled with nuts
Margret River Nuts and Cereals

Top Trip Tip: All the stops cover a large area of the Margaret River region, if you’ve got the time break it up over several days


19. Vasse Virgin

There are two Vasse Virgin outlets in the region; one is next to Temper Temper and the other larger one is centrally located within the region.  They originally began by manufacturing soaps made from olive oil and no nasty additives.  Since then they have expanded their range to include facial cleansers and moisturisers for men and women.  My son Lewis and all the other kids have a ball trying them all out.  

With the kids entertained, we adults can enjoy the free tastings of olive oils, fresh marinated olives and tapenades.

table with bottles of olive oils at Vasse Olives
Vasse Olives

20. Petra Olive Oil Estate

Also centrally located in the region is Petra Olive Oil Estate offering tastings of olive oil, fresh olives and tapenades.


21. Margaret River Venison

I discovered this place years ago and Margaret River Venison is always a must-do stop when we take a road trip down south.  I love the good selection of mild salami, spicy chorizo and sausages.  

fridge filled with gourmet meats
Margaret River Venison


22. Dunsborough Bakery

I love a good old-fashioned bakery and the Dunsborough Bakery is one of the best in Western Australia  We are welcomed with that good old-fashioned bakery smell: yeasty bread, hot pies and sweet cakes.

shelves filled with baked pastries
Dunsborough Bakery

23. Yallingup Wood Fired Bread

If you like your sourdough bread straight from a wood fire then this bread baked at Yallingup Wood Fired Bread according to the reviews is delish.

24. Yallingup Gugelhupf

In the small town of Yallingup is a European-style bakery called Yallingup Gugelhupf.  The bread must be good because the morning we visit they are sold out.

Top Trip Tip: Plan your stops to ensure you don’t miss out on items that will run out before lunch

Plan Your Visit to the Margaret River Region


The Margaret River Region is located in what local West Aussies term “down south” in South Western Australia, about a three-hour drive from Perth.  If you don’t have a car I highly suggest you hire one to explore the area.  Don’t forget if you have kids to also hire car seats.

I have created this interactive Map for you to find the location of all the Margaret River food producers I have mentioned in this article.

map of the Margaret River food producers
Margaret River food producer locations
View the Interactive Map

What to Take on Your DIY Margaret River Food Tour

When you embark on your food discovery tour include in your day trip packing:

  • Money or credit card
    • To pay for all that delicious food
  • An eski or cooler box
    • To prevent the food from spoiling in the car

Where to Stay

The Margaret River Region offers plenty of accommodation options from low-keyed resorts, apartment complexes, farm stays, cottages, B&B’s and caravan/holiday parks.

On this trip, we stayed in a cabin at the Riverview Tourist Park in Margaret River town.

Learn all about the facilities at…

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