Delicious Denmark Attractions in WA: 16 Things to Do and See

On the southern coastline of Western Australia is the very relaxed and almost bohemian like town called Denmark (not to be confused with the European country of Denmark).  It is geographically and atmospherically located halfway between the more bustling town of Albany and the very quiet town of Walpole.  Meaning you will find plenty of things to do in Denmark WA whilst still being able to remain chilled and relaxed.

When we visit Denmark, it is on a day trip from Albany.  Our goals are to explore the local gourmet foods and see William Bay National Park.  However, if you are staying longer there are several more Denmark attractions.

In this Article on What to Do in Denmark WA You Will Learn:

Looking out at the rocks in Elephant bay near Denmark Western Australia
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If you’re a little unsure of exactly where to start your day exploring the back roads of Denmark WA  pop into the Denmark Visitor Centre and the very helpful staff will provide you with maps and offer suggestions on where to go.

The following Denmark WA attractions are where the visitor centre suggested we explore.  You can find their exact locations on this map.

16 Things to Do in Denmark Western Australia

The Denmark Food and Wine Trail

One of the reasons we decided to visit Denmark from Albany is to do some tasting at the local gourmet food producers.  There are also 17 Denmark wineries and breweries to discover en route.  We are on a family holiday with kids and therefore wineries aren’t our focus, but fortunately, a couple of the food producers also have wineries included 🙂

Denmark Bakery

But before we get going we stop in at the Denmark Bakery located in town on Strickland Street for some morning tea.

Warm aromas of freshly baked goods great us and we know we have stepped into a good old fashioned bakery.  Just check out some of the offerings to choose from – custard tarts, vanilla slice, caramel slice, chocolate eclairs, lamingtons, lemon meringue pies, apple straddle, strawberry tars, hot pies, sausage rolls and the list just goes on.  And what’s more, it tastes as good as it looks – YUM!

A selection of cakes and pastries available in teh Denmark Bakery South Western Australia
Denmark Bakery

Top Trip Tip: Try not to overindulge too much as there are still plenty more goodies to taste…

  • Opening hours
    • 7am-5pm daily

Denmark Berry Farm

Five kilometres from Denmark along some rough dirt backroads we find the Denmark Berry Farm.  A husband and wife team own and run the berry farm.  When they first planted out their orchid it was to be for their own personal use, however, it got to the point that they had far more berries than they could possibly eat and opened to the public.

Beyond your standard strawberries and blackberries, you’ll also find a full range of more exotic berries including loganberry, youngberry, marionberry, silvanberry, boysenberry, and red and gold raspberries.  Normally all these are available for picking, but it is the end of a long weekend and the owner advises, “the berry vines have just about been stripped bare.”  So we suffice with some preserved tasting and get a couple of delicious jams to take home.

A selction of different jam flavours at the Denmark Berry Farm South West Australia
Jams on sale at the Denmark Berry Farm

Top Trip Tip:

  • Opening hours
    • December – April
    • 11am -5pm
    • Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and public holidays
  • Costs
    • $28 Fruit Picking (30cm diameter domed plastic container)
    • $13.50 large jar of jam

The Lake House Denmark

If you didn’t pack a picnic lunch or eat enough earlier The Lake House is a picturesque place to stop for lunch overlooking a small lake.  Otherwise, you can do as we did and enjoy the tastings of their homemade Vinofoods preserves, whilst still enjoying the view.

The Lake House sells a full range of over 20 flavours of sweet and savoury preserves and accompaniments from jams, chutneys, dressings and oils.  This is also our opportunity to have a little wine tasting.

And if the food and wine aren’t enough they also offer a range of bath and skincare products made from grape seed oil.  A bit of everything for everyone.

Top Trip Tip: Don’t double-dip with your tasting, take a fresh pop stick for each taste

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • 10am-5pm daily (except Christmas day)
    • Lunch served 11am-4pm

Denmark Farmhouse Cheese and Ducketts Mill Wines

A very popular stop is Denmark Farmhouse Cheese.  Groups of people are enjoying cheese platters on the verandas, more are huddled around the counter for wine tasting and a few of us are ducking through the crowd to get a nibble of cheese.

We taste smoked cheddar, chilli and garlic Havarti, Caerphilly and Scotsdale Gouda style with cumin seeds.  All these flavours and more are available for sale along with vacuum-packed meats.  Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a cooler box along and so leave empty-handed.

a selction of cheeses to taste on the counter at Denmark Farmhouse Cheeses
Denmark Farmhouse Factory

Top Trip Tip: Pack a cooler box in the car so that you can purchase more of the fresh produce found on the Denmark food and wine trail.

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • 10am-5pm daily

Bartholomews Meadery

Back on the main highway – South Coast Highway is Bartholomews Meadery and another very popular stop.  People are milling about out the front with homemade ice cream cones and once inside we have to wait for our turn to reach the honey tasting table.


Having done some honey tasting before in Perth’s Swan Valley, I found this honey a little disappointing – there wasn’t a great deal of difference in the honey flavours from one style to the next.  However, there is also some wine tasting in the corner and honey-based skincare to try.

lotions at bartholomews meadery Denmark WA
Lotions and potions at Bartholomew’s Meadery

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • 9:30am-4:30pm daily
    • Closed Christmas day

Denmark Chocolate Company

Another very popular food stop is Denmark Chocolate Company.  So much so it is a victim of its own success.  The queue to wait to be served a selection of three pieces of chocolate for $9 is huge.  I guess some customers are also ordering hot or iced chocolates and coffees.

Along with a few others, we give up waiting for the chocolate and suffice with a meander through the lovely gardens.  If you’re after a nice place for morning or afternoon tea this is it – assuming you can bear to wait in the queue.

preserves and sauces at the Demark Chocolate Company
Preserves and Sauces at the Denmark Chocolate Company

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • Mon-Sun 10am-4:30pm (closed Tuesday)
    • Also closed public holidays and the months of May and November

Dark Side Chocolates

Back in town next door to the Denmark visitors centre is the truly gourmet chocolatier if you like dark chocolate as we do.  It was quite mesmerising watching the dark chocolate truffles being handmade in store before they are perfectly laid out on boards awaiting selection.

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm (Closed Tuesday)
    • Sat-Sun: 9am -2pm

Want to taste your way around Denmark and also try some of the local beverages you can book a tour* so you don’t drink and drive.

William Bay National Park

However, the other main reason we have come to Denmark is to explore William Bay National Park.  It is just outside Denmark town with some of the most beautiful scenic white beaches.  The national park turnoff is well-signposted on the South Coast Highway.  A small car park is at the end of the road, so on a beautiful day prepare to park some distance further up the road and walk back to explore the main attractions.

From the main car park, you can either take the left track to Elephant Rocks or the right track to Greens Pool.  Once you get down to either of these locations you can easily traverse across the mammoth granite rocks to the other location.

Elephant Rocks WA

We start at Elephant Rocks.  Midway down the 69 wooden steps, the burnt umber and chestnut-coloured humped rocks appear.  Looking down the rocks appear as a herd of elephants.

Looking out over the Elephant Rocks to the waves crashing in William Bay National Park Denmark Western Australia
Elephant Rocks

Once down at Elephant Cove’s white beach with turquoise waters, you gaze back up at the rocks that are truly mammoth.

Swimming in the calm clear waters of Elephants Cove with large rocks at William Bay National Park South West Australia
Elephant Cove

The beach and ocean are calm and clear, a lovely spot for a swim.  But be careful of the gentle waves.  Whilst the waves are not big, out of nowhere the tide suddenly washes right up to the beach and we are awash.

Top Trip Tip: Watch the tide as it can block the narrow gap that is the entrance to the stairwell access

Greens Pool

Having waded through the water and back up all those stairs we clamber across the large granite rocks.

Lots of people swimming at the Greens Pool beach South west Australia
Greens Pool

Around the corner, we spot the green pool.  The beach is protected by large boulders that prevent any waves, essentially turning the sea-green beach into a swimming pool.  So calm that people are relaxing on floating lounges, a perfect place to bring the kids.

Top Trip Tip:

  • The toilets are located near Greens Pool
  • Neither of these locations are wheelchair or pram friendly
  • There is no William Bay National Park entry fee
  • William Bay National Park camping is prohibited
    • There is accommodation nearby in Denmark, visit for ideas and costs

More Beaches

There are several more beaches that we didn’t get to on the day.  But from the images I have seen they too are stunning.  If you have more time than we did get back in the car and drive towards the Elephant Rocks carpark but keep on going to reach Waterfall Beach.  Which as it sounds has a small waterfall trickling in off the rocks into the beach.

The next beach further along the coast is Lights Beach, however first you will need to return to South West Highway turn right and a little further along the road turn right down Lights Road.  Lights Beach has a dog exercise beach to one side of the steps and dog free on the other. 

Family-Friendly Denmark Attractions WA

Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpaca Stud

If you’ve got kids who love to pat animals this is the place to come.  The kids can enjoy alpacas, rabbits, chickens and joeys, at the moment they don’t have any koalas.

There are also lots of crafts for you to check out including pottery, paintings and knits from the alpaca wool.

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening Hours
    • Mon-Sun: 10-4pm (Closed Tuesday)
  • Cost
    • Adults $15
    • Children $8

Denmark Dinosaur World

There is an animal farm at Denmark Dinosaur World as well with bird enclosures and reptiles to pat – if you dare.  Of course, the main attraction here is the dinosaur shed featuring the only T-Rex found in Australia plus more dinosaurs.

The park also includes picnic grounds with BBQ’s and a café so you relax and enjoy.

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening hours
    • Mon-Sun: 10am-4pm
  • Cost
  • Adults/$14
  • Child/$7

Denmark Thrills Adventure Park

If this has all been a little too relaxing for you get your adrenaline raging at the Thrills Adventure Park.  Get inside a three-metre diameter inflatable globe and make your way down the longest Globeriding (also known as Hydro-Orbing or Zorbing) track in the world.

Bookings are essential.

Top Trip Tip:

  • Website
  • Opening hours
    • Mon-Sun 10am-2pm (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Cost
    • 150m track is $40
    • 570m long mountain run $70

Day Trips from Denmark

As I mentioned we are visiting Denmark on a day trip from Albany.  But if you are staying in Denmark then you may be looking for some Denmark day trips.

Tornidirrup National Park

I can highly recommend spending a day at the Torndirrup National Park which is just under an hour’s drive east of Denmark but before Albany.

You’ll find more stunning natural scenery at The Gap and Natures Bridge, learn about the history of whaling at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station, and learn about the natural energy source of the wind turbines at the Wind Farm

looking across rocky beach at Tondirrup National Park
Torndirrup National Park

To help plan your day trip check out this…

Valley of the Giants

Alternatively, take an hour drive west of Denmark to the Valley of the Giants.  Explore the huge Tingle trees from above on the treetop walk and explore them from the ground along the forest floor trail.

on metal tree top walk
Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Learn more about what to expect of your day with these…

Tips to Plan Your Holiday to Denmark, Western Australia


Denmark town is located on the southern coast of Western Australia.  Travelling from Perth to Denmark takes about four and a half hours.  We actually visit from Albany to Denmark as part of our Albany day trips and the drive took about an hour.

We stayed at the Big4 Emu Beach Holiday Park.

If you’d like to learn the location of all the Denmark attractions mentioned click this Denmark map.

If you don’t have your own car

Official Websites

Denmark Weather

Denmark weather is cooler than Perth, this is a rough guide of what to expect.  Refer to the Bureau of Meteorology for the most accurate seven-day forecast.

  • In summer (Dec-Feb) expect temperatures as high as the mid 20°C with low rainfall
  • In Autumn (Mar-May) the temperature start to drop into the low 20°C
  • In Winter (Jun-Aug) it plummets down as low as 16°C on average and the rainfall is high
  • In Spring (Sep-Nov) the temperatures begin to climb again to the low 20°C

What to Pack for Denmark WA

Whether you are visiting Denmark on a day trip from further afield or exploring Denmark as part of your Denmark holiday you’ll want to include a few things in your day trip bag.

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming clothes
  • Beach towel
  • Jumper or warm clothes
  • Money
  • Cooler bag

You may like to check out beach day packing list.

Complete your holiday travel packing with the…

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