All the Things to Do in Toodyay, WA for All Ages

If you’ve been struggling to find a Perth day trip that offers lots of variety and something for everyone I think I’ve found it.

We recently visited the country town of Toodyay located about an hour’s drive north east of Perth.  We found so many things to do in Toodyay we could have easily filled an entire weekend exploring the town. 

You’ll find historic attractions, quirky stores, walking trails and lovely places to eat in Toodyay.  Join me as I explain where all the 14 Toodyay attractions are located plus where to stop and eat.

In this Article on What to do in Toodyay You’ll Discover:

the red brick facade of the Toodyay post office - one of the things to see in Toodyay
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Toodyay Museums

There are so many historic building and homes dating back to the late 1800’s, with most of these building having a small sign out the front with a little history. You’ll happen upon them with whichever walk trail you choose.  We head off on the free Toodyay Convict Depot Walk to explore the following Toodyay museums. 

Top Trip Tip: So you don’t get lost on the walk pop into the Toodyay Visitors Centre to grab free copies of self-guided walking tours and brochures on all the historic things to see in Toodyay

1. Conner’s Mill

Located next door the visitors centre is Connor’s Mill.  It was built in 1870 and has had a varied life.  Originally it was a flour mill and as you make your way from the top of the third floor down to the ground you will learn how the wheat was milled into flour.  As you progress through the building you will also learn that over the years it has also been used as a powerhouse, private residence, Toodyay Information Centre and now a museum.

The traditional facade of Connor's Mill in Toodyay
Conner’s Mill

2. Newcastle Gaol

The goal was built in 1865 and has had some colourful and legendary inmates including the Moondyne Joe (an infamous West Australian convict, bushranger and multiple escapee).  There are lots of displays of Toodyay’s history through the small gaol and court room.

the heritage stone front to the Newcastle Gaol in Toodyay
Newcastle Gaol

3. Police Stables

Across the road are the police stables from one of the oldest regional police forces.  Inside are displays of old horse carriages.

old horse carts inside wooden stables
Police Stables

4. Wicklow Shearing Shed

Next door is a shearing shed that has been relocated from a Wicklow Hills property.  Inside there are displays and artefacts of farming equipment including used before electricity.

wooden display cabinets in large old shed
Shearing Shed

Top Trip Tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes to enjoy the 1.4km Toodyay Convict Depot Walk

Fun Shops in Toodyay

But Toodyay is not all history there are some novelty shops to enjoy.

5. Christmas 360

When I mentioned to the family we were off to Toodyay for a day trip from Perth they all said “visit the Toodyay Christmas Shop.”  Now, this isn’t listed on the tourism website as a Toodyay attraction, but everyone pops in to visit.  It is just magical and will lift anyone’s spirits.

The shop is filled with Christmas ornaments, lights, trees, snow globes; just so many unique Christmas trinkets.

Christmas decorations and lights of snow men at the Toodyay Christmas Shop
Toodyay Christmas Shop – Christmas 360

6. Lolly Shop

Further along the main street, is a good old-fashioned lolly shop.  The kids and big kids are going to love a stop to peruse this one.

old cabinet with glass jars of lollies
The Lolly Shop

7. Blue Moon Crystals

My birthstone is Amethyst and I am also drawn to the dark purple crystal.  Pop into this little shop on the main street and see which stones catch your eye.

8. Toodyay Emporium

Located on the outskirts of town is this large antique store.  You’ll find beautifully restored furniture and lovely ornaments to adorn your home.  There are also lots of items for your outdoor areas.

a very old car in front of an antique store in Toodyay, WA

9. Coca-Cola Cafe and Museum

For some fun nostalgia pop into the Coca-Cola Café which is set up like a 1950’s soda shop. 

  • Opening Hours:
    • Monday – Sunday: 8am til close
  • Website

Family Friendly Toodyay Attractions

If you’ve got little kids there are plenty of things to in Toodyay that will keep them entertained.

10. Duidgee Park

This large park is situated on the river at the far end of Toodyay town.  The park has play equipment for all ages.  The fenced toddler playground, a large spider web to climb and a skate park.

playground and picnic tables at Duidgee Park in Toodyay
Duidgee Park

There are also lots of picnic tables and gas BBQ’s perfect if your young ones won’t sit still in a restaurant or you want to keep costs down.

Don’t forget a thing for your picnic with the…

11. Miniature Railway

Also located within Duidgee Park is the miniature railway that runs the first and third Sunday of the month.

red brick front of the miniature railway station in Toodyay
Miniature Railway
  • Opening hours: 11am – 3pm

12. Toodyay Fairytale Farm

From the website, this one looks quite cute.  But I have a 12-year-old boy, so it wasn’t on our list but littlies and girls will love it!

  • Opening hours:
    • Saturday – Sunday: 10am 4pm
  • Cost
    • $12/adult
    • $9/child
  • Website

13. Free Range Emu Farm

This is the oldest emu farm in the world where you can walk among the emus and their chicks.

  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm
  • Cost:
    • $5/adult
    • $3/child
  • Website

14. Hoddywell Archery

This is one we’ll be back to check out first-hand as my son loves archery.  There are trails (a bit like mini golf) with varying targets and distances to hit throughout the range.

  • Opening hours:
    • Monday- Wednesday: 10am – 4pm (please call)
    • Thursday – Friday: Closed
    • Saturday – Sunday: 9:30am – 4pm
  • Cost:
    • 9 targets – $22/person
    • 15 target – $24.90/person
    • 18 target – $27.90/person
  • Website

Places to Eat in Toodyay

If you are spending a weekend in Toodyay or just the day there is lots more choice for places to eat in Toodyay town site.

1. Toodyay Spice and Grill

The Toodyay Spice and Grill is an Indian restaurant.

  • Opening Hours:
    • Dinner:  Monday – Sunday: 4:30pm – 8:30pm
    • Lunch: Thursday – Sunday : 11am – 2:30pm
    • Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 12noon
  • Website

2. Toodyay Bakery

A perfect stop for morning or afternoon tea with lots of yummy cakes and coffee to go.

  • Opening hours
    • Monday – Sunday: 7am – 3pm

3. Freemasons Hotel Toodyay

This heritage hotel a traditional pub food menu.

  • Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
  • Website

4. Victoria Hotel Toodyay

This historic hotel has recently undergone a revamp and is quite smart inside.  This is where we ate lunch.  It was very busy resulting in us having to wait quite some time for our food, some of which the order got mucked up.  But what we did eat was very nice.

fried fish, Morton Bay Bugs, squid on a wooden board
Fisherman’s Basket

Top Trip Tip: If you are trying to save your pennies pack a picnic and head over to the next Toodyay attraction on the list

Plan Your Visit to Toodyay


Toodyay is 82km from the Perth CBD and takes about one and a quarter hours to drive there.  Or alternatively, you can catch the train.  There is sufficient street parking for you to leave your car and head out to explore Toodyay on foot. 

If you don’t own a car but would like to drive to offer you more flexibility you can always hire a car*.

To see how easy it is to explore Toodyay by foot check out this interactive Toodyay map.

map of the location of the Toodyay attractions

What to Take

Wear sensible walking shoes when you plan your day to Toodyay as the roads and paths can have small loose gravel rocks scattered on them.  Include on your day bag:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Money
  • Jacket
  • Umbrella (if it’s wet)

Places to Stay in Toodyay

There are several accommodation options in Toodyay including:

  • Caravan parks
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Self-contained chalets
  • Hotel/motels

You’ll find details of all the individual options on the Toodyay Visitors Centre website (link below).

If you choose to stay in a self-contained accommodation at any of these locations check out our Self Catering Packing List so you don’t forget a thing.

More Information

The Toodyay Visitors Centre website offers lots of information and advice on taking a day trip or weekender to Toodyay.

Tips 4 Trips also has lots of articles on things to do in Western Australia and Perth day trip ideas.

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