5 Steps to Find Pet Boarding Kennels for When You Travel

We’ve recently added a new member to the family.  No, I haven’t had another baby – we bought a puppy.  Now we are about to embark on our first holiday since her arrival, I have to find a pet boarding kennel.  If you’re anything like me; this member of the family can’t be just dumped at any dog boarding kennel, I have to find the right doggy hotel 😉 for my puppy.

So these are things I look for when choosing the best pet boarding for my dog.

In this Article on How to Find Pet Boarding You Will Learn:

travel tips for finding a pet boarding kennel when you next go on holiday.
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5 Steps for Choosing Pet Boarding Kennels

Start your search for a boarding kennel by Googling your “city and boarding kennels”.  You could also add in the type of animal eg. dog or cat.  This should provide you with plenty of choices.

1. Proximity to home

Boarding kennels are often located in the outer suburbs, so look for the ones closest to you.  You will need to allow time to drop your furry friend at the pet boarding prior to your holiday departure.  Often the kennels have strict drop-off and pick-up times (a few offer taxi service – at a fee) so add that to your consideration.


2. Availability

Next check if they have any kennels available for your travel dates.  There’s no point going any further with your search if they can’t accommodate your pet.

3. Price

Ask the price and what your pet will receive daily for that fee.

  • Will your pet get its own kennel or share?
  • What type of food will your pet be given?  How often do they feed the animals?
  • Are the pets socialised with other animals?  Do you want that?
  • How often are the pets exercised?  Is it indoors or outdoors, and how big is the exercise run?

Some pet boarding establishments charge a set fee for all their services.  Others are like a low-cost airline carrier – plus, plus for each extra item you require.

4. The vibe

Once you have narrowed down your search to three or four boarding kennels make an appointment to go and view the pet kennels.

At some kennels the pets will be housed inside brick buildings with heating and air conditioning, others are tin sheds.  Some are immaculately clean and others a bit – well – feral.  You cannot determine this from the pet boarding website or even a chat over the phone.  You need to view the kennels yourself (if possible).

It is amazing how each boarding kennel has a completely different feel about it.  Whilst you are there you will also get a feel for the staff running the kennels.

Top Trip Tip: Ensure you take the time to visit all kennel options before booking

5. What to bring

When you are looking at the kennels ask any further questions that concern you about leaving your pet to be boarded.  Then find out everything you will need to bring when you drop your pet at the boarding kennel eg.

Now all you have to do is book your furry family member into the pet boarding kennels and take lots of tissues for drop off.  Then it’s time to head off and enjoy your holiday – knowing you have made the best choice in boarding kennels for your family pet.

Top Trip Tip: Don’t pack a favourite toy that your pet (or you) are not prepared to lose

Black Cavoodle sitting on lawn waiting to be taken to pet boarding kennels
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  1. Good tips! I also look to Yelp or other review websites for feedback on a pet kennel for my dog. I travel a lot, but try to also mix in dog-friendly vacations where my dog comes with!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Leigh. Great tip about using Yelp for reviews on the boarding kennels.

  2. I don’t have pets anymore, partly because I travel so much! It’s not easy to find a good solution. I always had cats so its a little easier than dogs but still the change is difficult for them. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    1. We avoided pets for a long time just for that very reason Anisa. Taking on a pet is a huge responsibility and it’s not fair to the pet if you are constantly away.

  3. First, your puppy is very cute! I do not have pets because of the amount of travel I spend outside the house. But, I agree pet owners have to be very careful (and act responsibly) where they leave their pets. A lot of people I know leave the pet home and have somebody feed them in the evenings. Not sure this is the best alternative (I guess it depends on the number of days out). #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. You are so right Ruth having a pet is a big responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is sad to see how many pets get dumped around Christmas time. I do know people who leave their dogs for the dog walker to feed and walk. I think it makes a difference if there are one or two dogs, the age of the dogs and if they are used to being left outside day and night. All of which will take a bit of trial and error as you find the best option for your family.
      BTW we started with a pet budgie who was easy to offload to the family for short periods of time. All you have to do is drop the bird over in a small cage with some food. The person looking after the bird only has to do is give the bird fresh seed and water daily. Very easy.

  4. It can be difficult getting a good place to board, dog and house sitters are used more and more and are a good option. We house/dog sit, and we really enjoy it, the dogs can stay in their familiar environment but also a great experience for house sitters to meet a new furry friend! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. I should have mentioned house sitters Paul and Carole. I personally didn’t go with that option as I didn’t want someone living in my house.

  5. Thanks for these tips, Sally. I always had dogs and when my parents were alive I used to leave my dog with them. Now I need to find a dog sitter for my dog every time I go on vacation. The problem is that finding a good place for your pet is very difficult.

    1. Totally agree that finding a good pet boarding place is hard Anda. I think a bit of trial and error will also be part of the process.

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