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These restaurant reviews are based on our experiences eating out in Perth and Western Australia.  We also offer restaurant guides of where to eat when you travel around Western Australia, Bali and Thailand.

Restaurant Reviews

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The best Sanur food we found during a family holiday to Bali in Indonesia.

Best Sanur Restaurants: Places We Love Eating Out in Bali

One of the joys of travel is food.  And finding great restaurants is always a delight.  That’s why I want to share with you the best Sanur restaurants in Bali, that we have found during our passed family holidays to Bali. Bali is a South East Asian island full of contrasts.  Each Balinese location has…

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia at the Internatinal on the Water Hotel.

The Girls Bling It Up at Watermark Restaurant, Perth

I have just driven to the end of Epson Avenue off Great Northern Highway in the Perth suburb of Ascot.  Eucalypt trees line the banks of the murky Swan River.  To my right, in stark contrast, is the pale concrete structure of the International on the Water Hotel.  A little uncertain, I assume, “this must be…