Travel planning checklists for packing for a trip

Packing Lists and Tips

Discover a full range of travel packing lists for all types of trips.  From packing for backpacking and long term nomadic adventures, to packing for family road trips and self catering holidays or packing for luxury vacations.

You’ll also get free PDF packing checklists to download and print and reuse over and over.  Plus you’ll find simple packing tips to help you choose luggage or tips to pack less in that luggage and much more.

It’s all designed to help you have a better trip.  

So let’s get travel packing!

Find a Packing Checklist for Your Trip

What to Pack for Thailand: Essentials for a Beach or Island Trip

Emerald green hilly jungles meeting white sandy beaches that slip out to turquoise blue waters.  It’s what comes to mind when...

Packing List for Tweens (8-12 years old) with Printable

As your children grow their needs and wants change.  As every need and want alter’s you make adjustments.  The same applies...

Packing for kids on vacation

Kids Packing List: 3 Essentials to Create the Best Family Trip

Travel with kids is daunting.  As parents, we worry about our child’s safety.  We worry if will they eat, will...

Essential Things to Pack for a Trip

When packing for a trip you know you need to add clothes, toiletries and a few medical items onto your...

How to create a small essential first aid kit for holidays. When you next travel use this medical packing checklist to stay healthy on vacation.

The Essential First Aid Travel Kit for Trips

No one wants to get sick or hurt whilst on holiday.  Unfortunately, little cuts and headaches do occur quite regularly....

The Complete Toiletry Packing List: with FREE Printable

When packing for your trip one of the things you really cannot leave behind is the toiletries kit.  Toiletries are defined...

A self-catering holiday packing list.

The Self Catering Holiday Packing List

Booking a self catering holiday house is one of the easiest ways to save money on eating out when on...

A day pack checklist. What to pack for in your day bag

What to Pack for a Day Trip: 9 Simple Essentials

You’re on a day trip in the full sun feeling parched and hungry.  The weather changes, there is a light...

how to pack lighter

How to Pack Light: Simple Travel Packing Tips

It is the end of another enjoyable vacation, of which the only part I don’t really enjoy is re-packing my...

a travel packing list

The Ultimate Guide: A Trip Packing List for Any Occassion

Every trip I am so excited to get going.  I have spent months researching our trip, planned our holiday meticulously, ...

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