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Options for finding the best and safest travel wallet for your holiday. Keep your holiday money safe and easy to access when on day trips on vacation.

How to Choose the Safest Travel Wallet Style for Your Holiday

You’ve saved up for your holiday.  Planned which method to take and access your money whilst overseas.  Now you need to...

Travel tips and ideas on how to take holiday money overseas when you travel on a vacation. The pros and cons for 4 ways to access travel money abroad.

How to Access Your Travel Money Abroad

Back in the early 1990’s when I  backpacked around Europe the main ways to take and access your travel money...

Lake Thetis boasts examples of 3500-year-old stromatolites and thrombolites. Learn what to expect at Lake Thetis located near Cervantes and the Pinnacles.

Ancient Living Life at Lake Thetis, Cervantes

It’s not often you get the chance to see a prehistoric living life form.  So when the opportunity presents itself...

A travel toiletry packing list for holidays. Use this holiday checklist to know which toiletries you need to pack for a vacation.

Toiletry Packing List for Holidays

A Travel Checklist for Toiletries When packing for your holiday one of the things you really cannot leave behind is...

Things to Do in Busselton, Western Australia

Visiting Busselton and the Margaret River Region, Western Australia The Margaret River Region has long been a favourite holiday destination...

Planning a holiday? Ask yourself these six questions to help you plan your travel vacation.

The Who What When Where Why & How of Planning a Holiday

How to Plan a Holiday Getting started on planning a holiday can be tricky.  There is so much to do...

the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park, Western Australia. Located just outside the town of Cervantes on the Coral Coast

Extending Up from the Desert: The Pinnacles, Western Australia

Reaching for the Sky in the Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Back in the Australian Aboriginal dream time, young men were...

Five destinations in teh South Pacific where you can travel and find therapy on holiday.

Travel as Therapy: Introvert-Friendly Destinations in the Pacific

This is a guest post by Marie Nieves.  Marie is the editor of High Style Life.  You can follow her...

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