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looking up at canopy of giant Karri trees in South Western Australia forests

Guide to the WA Southern Forests Attractions

When I first thought of visiting the Southern Forests Region in Western Australia.  What sprung to mind was Gloucester Tree...

cruise ship anchored off an island

How to Plan for a Cruise: Tips for First-Timers

Last year, 2020 was the most extraordinary of years.  While we all sat at home we dreamed of experiences and...

four toiletry bags on a vanity counter

Choose the Most Useful Waterproof Toiletry Bag for Travel

I have been travelling since I was a child.  Back then we caravanned around Australia which meant that showering involved...

blue pool with gazebo

Review of Blue Ocean Villas Kalbarri Family Accommodation

As I am planning our holiday to Kalbarri on the Coral Coast of Western Australia it takes me quite some...

view of the estuary and mouth of Murchison River at Kalbarri town

Kalbarri Attractions: 7 Day Guide of Things to Do

When I started planning our trip to Kalbarri Western Australia, I originally only wanted to stay in Kalbarri for a...

group of people fishing off the beach

How to Start Fishing: Tips and Equipment for Beginners

We have recently taken several road trips where fishing has been an optional activity and my son has expressed interest...

The Murchison River gorge at Kalbarri National Park

Things to Do in Kalbarri National Park: Planning Guide

Kalbarri National Park located in Western Australia’s Coral Coast region spans a total area of 1830km2; with the town of...

row of mountain bikes with helmets on grass

Cycling Tips for Beginners

If you are anything like me you probably rode a bike when you were young, but also like me you...

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