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Busselton Jetty Sheds

12 Brilliant Busselton Attractions: Family-Friendly Things to Do

Since the early 1900’s Busselton has been a popular place for West Australian’s to holiday.  It’s little wonder with its calm clear white sandy beaches and its stunning natural coastal scenery.  But for a long time, I only thought of Busselton as the gateway to the Margaret River Region, being just a two and a…

row of chalets at RAC Karri Valley Resort

RAC Karri Valley Resort Review: What to Expect

Set hidden in the West Australian Southern Forests on Lake Beedalup is the recently renovated RAC Karri Valley Resort.  Several years ago, during a trip to Pemberton we stopped in to have a look at the resort.  We were so impressed with the idyllic location we vowed to one day return. Finally, we have returned…

blue pool with gazebo

Review of Blue Ocean Villas Kalbarri Family Accommodation

As I am planning our holiday to Kalbarri on the Coral Coast of Western Australia it takes me quite some time to search and find the perfect Kalbarri family accommodation. I begin doing my research during April of 2020 when all the world is told to “stay at home!”  But I can see a glimmer…

view of the estuary and mouth of Murchison River at Kalbarri town

7 Day Itinerary of Kalbarri Attractions: Things to Do in 2024

When you think of Kalbarri town located along the Coral Coast of Western Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is the national park.  You may wonder if there is anything else to do or see around Kalbarri.  l felt this way too, especially when many accommodation providers insist on a seven-day booking.  But…

The Murchison River gorge at Kalbarri National Park

Planning Guide to Kalbarri National Park: What You Need to Know

Kalbarri National Park located in Western Australia’s Coral Coast region spans a total area of 1830km2; with the town of Kalbarri sitting on the coast between the two sections of the park.  The Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs and the inland park that follows the Murchison River Gorge.  Both parks offer amazing scenery which are quite different…

Big glass marble one of the things to see on a Perth to Kalbarri road trip

Perth to Kalbarri Road Trip Itinerary with Stops

The West Australian coastal town of Kalbarri is located 570km north of Perth.  Whilst the town does offer a small airstrip there are no commercial flights available to Kalbarri, meaning that Kalbarri is a road trip destination. Officially it takes six and half hours to drive the distance, however, in reality, the Perth to Kalbarri…

boats and canoes on the beach

7 Fun Activities in Kalbarri to Do with Kids: and without

Located 570km north of Perth is the coastal town of Kalbarri, Western Australia.  Back in the day fishing was the main industry for Kalbarri, now it is all about tourism with its stunning backdrop of the Kalbarri National Park. However, if you are travelling with kids you know that you will need more than just…

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne

What to See in Melbourne City Walks (3 self-guided tours)

I never realised how much there is to see in Melbourne until we visited the city for a week stay late last year.  We spent days discovering Melbourne by foot – there are so many heritage, arts and natural attractions to discover. But without a clear plan, you could spend much time ambling along, missing…

bed with rolled towels, bedside lamps and sheer grey curtains

Family-Friendly Holiday Apartment Review of Avani Melbourne Central Residences

Recently we visited the city of Melbourne in Victoria Australia on a family holiday.  I spent weeks during my planning for this trip looking for the perfect Melbourne holiday apartment.  It needed to offer self-catering facilities, central location, activity options for our 11-year-old son (for downtime after spending the day exploring) and finally it had…

limestone rocks along the great ocean road

Great Ocean Road Day Trip Review: What you Need to Know

As you research your trip to Melbourne, Victoria one of the things that will keep popping up to do will be a Great Ocean Road tour.  As you continue with your research you will learn that this coastal road is located several hours from the CBD and that there are so many options on how…

Looking across cottages and buildings towards the lighthouse

Plan Your Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Jewel Cave Tour, Western Australia

On a cold January summer’s day we drive 45 minutes south of Margaret River to the small windswept coastal town of Augusta in South Western Australia.  Admiring the town’s stunning views over the Southern Ocean we continue on further south for five minutes into the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Right on the southwesterly coastal tip where…

ferry heading towards penguin island

Pristine Penguin Island Attractions: What to Do

As a child, we took short family getaways to Shoalwater Beach, located south of Perth in Western Australia.  The beaches were white, the water was clear, the sea was calm and you looked out to the nearby Shoalwater Islands.  I use to see people walking across the sandbar to the rocky limestone island called Penguin…

Riverview Tourist Park review

Riverview Tourist Park, Margaret River Review

Accommodation choices surround the outskirts of the Margaret River town in South Western Australia’s Margaret River Region but few places to stay are in town, riverside and offer camping, caravanning and cabins for couples and families.  But we found one – which we loved!  It’s called the Riverview Tourist Park.  Let me tell you all…

dog rock the iconic things to see in Albany Western Australia

15 Alluring Albany Attractions in WA: Things to Do in 2024

Unbeknown to me, until I recently visited the town of Albany Western Australia that this is where Western Australia was first settled in 1826, three years before Fremantle and the capital city Perth (1829). It is a town rich in history located on a stunning backdrop of natural beauty; thereby offering so many things to…

outside the old King Edward Memorila Hospital

The Full Guide to the Small Perth Museums, WA

The city of Perth, Western Australia was founded in 1829 and there appears to be a museum to reflect every aspect of Perth’s history, culture and development.  In fact, there are actually at least 25 museums in Perth. There are a few large well-known museums and many small museums sharing a snapshot of life in…

Legian street at night

12 Legendary Legian Attractions: Fun Things to Do

On dark golden sandy beaches that are cleaned daily, the southern Balinese beachfront town of Legian is geographically and atmospherically located between the hip and cool village of Seminyak (perfect for the wannabe singleton) and the ever-popular bogan area of Kuta. But don’t be too put off by my over-the-top descriptions of these villages flanking…

A view of the ocean from William Bay National Park in Denmark WA

23 Delicious Denmark Attractions in WA: Things to Do in 2024

On the southern coastline of Western Australia is the very relaxed and almost bohemian-like town called Denmark (not to be confused with the European country of Denmark).  It is geographically and atmospherically located halfway between the bustling town of Albany and the very quiet town of Walpole.  This means you will find plenty of things…

The Gap, Albany's viewing platform in Torndirrup National Park Western Australia

What to See at Torndirrup National Park, Albany WA

Torndirrup National Park is a 30-minute scenic drive from the centre of Albany, Western Australia.  Some of the most well-known and scenic things to see are in this Albany national park. The national park is situated on the rocky Torndirrup Peninsula jutting out between Frenchman Bay and the Indian Ocean.  There is a lot to…

The Brig Amity replica sailing boat in Albany

Discover Old Town Albany WA – Historic Albany Sites

Albany is the oldest town in Western Australia, it is even older than my home town of Perth – a fact I didn’t know until I explore the Albany historic sites.  Historic Albany was settled on 26 December 1826, that’s two and half years before Perth – Western Australia’s capital. Today many of Albany’s historic…

Cloudy dat at Emu Beach, Albany Western Australia

Big4 Emu Beach Holiday Park Review, Albany Western Australia

It’s not often you can find a location let alone an accommodation that caters for all demographics.  We recently stayed at the Big4 Emu Beach Holiday Park in Albany, Western Australia and what a find this place is!  Even though we are staying at this Emu Point accommodation on a family holiday, it is not…

The tree top walkway in the Valley of the Giants WA

Two Perspectives of the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia

The trees of Western Australia are unique, particularly those in the Valley of the Giants.  These giant trees in the South West’s Tingle Forest date back 65 million years when Australia was joined in the supercontinent known as Gondwana. Over the millions of years, it has taken the continents to separate the climate of South…

Reviewing the cabins at Wave Rock cCaravan park, Hyden Western Australia

Wave Rock Caravan Park Review: What to Expect

Wave Rock (as it is famously known) is located just outside the West Australian town of Hyden.  Roughly a four-hour drive from Perth (see below for a map). The rock’s official name is Hyden Rock and encompasses the Wave, Breakers and Hippos Yawn.  Of the 150 000 tourists who come to see the Wave each…

Restaurants on the beach in Khao Lak

13 Captivating Khao Lak Attractions in Thailand: Fun Things to Do

When you think of beach holidays in Thailand images of turquoise waters lapping at white sandy shores come to mind.  Yes, spending lots of time on those beaches is one of the main things to do in Khao Lak, but what else to do? Stepping away from those beaches there are so many more Khao…

What to Pack for a Thailand Beach or Island Trip: with PDF

What to Pack for a Thailand Beach or Island Trip: with PDF

Emerald green hilly jungles meeting white sandy beaches that slip out to turquoise blue waters.  It’s what comes to mind when you think of Phuket, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, Krabi, Hua Hin, Pattaya and other Thailand beaches or islands.  They are the perfect destination for any type of holiday – backpacking, couples, families and empty nesters. …

My Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket reviews of all the facilities and amenties at this Karon Beach hotel

My Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket Reviews: What You Need to Know

There’s just a plain pink wall.  It doesn’t look very enticing.  We are on the northern fringe of Karon Beach and about to turn off the top of the hillside road into Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket.  But driving down the steep curved concrete driveway we are greeted by the turquoise blue Andaman Sea and the…

Karon beach things to do on a family holiday in Phuket

Colourful Karon Beach Attractions: Family Friendly Things to Do

Karon Beach is located on the western side of Phuket island in Thailand.  To the north of Karon Beach is Patong the original and very popular tourist town.  To the south of Karon is the bohemian Kata Beach.  Karon Beach is in the middle – geographically and ambience wise.  As Goldilocks once said, “it is just right!”. …

The best Sanur food we found during a family holiday to Bali in Indonesia.

Best Sanur Restaurants: Places We Love Eating Out in Bali

One of the joys of travel is food.  And finding great restaurants is always a delight.  That’s why I want to share with you the best Sanur restaurants in Bali, that we have found during our passed family holidays to Bali. Bali is a South East Asian island full of contrasts.  Each Balinese location has…

man and boy walking through Pemberton Western Australia forests

23 Pretty Pemberton Attractions: Affordable Things to Do in 2024

The small town of Pemberton in the South-West of Australia has a population of just over 750 people and is one of the coldest places in Western Australia.  You’d wonder why anyone would want to visit let alone be looking for things to do in Pemberton WA with its farming land dating back to 1861….

My review of a Pemberton farm stay at Diamond Forest Cottages in the Southern forests region of Western Austalia

Diamond Forest Farm Stay Review: A Pemberton Cottage

As I hand back our Diamond Forest Farm Stay Cottage key to our hosts Mark and Kerriann, my son Lewis is presented with a certificate detailing the farm skills he has performed over the past few days.  “I think a few more things could have been added to the list, ” I comment with a smile. …

A Bali cycle tour gives your the chance to learn the Balinese culture

Bali Greenbike Adventure Review: What Your Need to Know

This Bali bike tour memory is from one of our wonderful Bali family holidays back in 2015.  These cycling tours through Bali are still on offer providing you with a great way to discover the real Balinese lifestyle. Finding the true Balinese culture is difficult when taking a family trip to Bali. Most holidaymakers stay…

Discussing the family friendly facilities at the 7 Penang Hotels along Batu Ferringhi beach, Malaysia.

6 Fun Penang Family Resorts in Batu Ferringhi

Penang is one of my favourite family holiday destinations in South East Asia.  There are just so many things to do in Penang.  Plus there is a good variety of fun family Penang hotels.  My favourite area within Penang to stay is along the northern beach of Batu Ferringhi.  Most of the resorts along Batu Ferringhi were built…

15 Celebrated Cervantes Attractions in WA: Things to Do in 2024

15 Celebrated Cervantes Attractions in WA: Things to Do in 2024

Nestled along the stunning Coral Coast of Western Australia, where tales of shipwrecks and lobsters intertwine, lies a hidden gem called Cervantes. With a population of around 500, this charming town is not just a destination; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. We came to Cervantes, Western Australia one long weekend to explore the golden…

Lake Thetis boasts examples of 3500-year-old stromatolites and thrombolites. Learn what to expect at Lake Thetis located near Cervantes and the Pinnacles.

Ancient Life at Lake Thetis, Cervantes: What You Need to Know

It’s not often you get the chance to see a prehistoric living life form.  So when the opportunity presents itself whilst we are visiting Cervantes and the Pinnacles we jump at the chance to say we have seen living life dating back to the Bronze Age. This ancient living life comes in the form of grey…

The Pinnacles, Australia: What You Need to Know

The Pinnacles, Australia: What You Need to Know

Back in the Australian Aboriginal dream time, young men were warned not to venture into the desert that sits inside the Nambung National Park, Western Australia.  The young men were warned they would be swallowed up by the sinking desert sands.  Aboriginal elders could see the remnants of past men as their fingers were stretching high out…

My Review of the Updated Cervantes Caravan Park (RAC Cervantes Holiday Park)

My Review of the Updated Cervantes Caravan Park (RAC Cervantes Holiday Park)

Cervantes is a small coastal town in Western Australia named after an American vessel that sank off its coast in 1844 and is now the home of many a lobster fisherman.  So why would you visit Cervantes?  Well, it is the closest town (a mere 10 minutes) to the Pinnacles Desert.  Plus it’s got beautiful beaches, great…

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia at the Internatinal on the Water Hotel.

The Girls Bling It Up at Watermark Restaurant, Perth

I have just driven to the end of Epson Avenue off Great Northern Highway in the Perth suburb of Ascot.  Eucalypt trees line the banks of the murky Swan River.  To my right, in stark contrast, is the pale concrete structure of the International on the Water Hotel.  A little uncertain, I assume, “this must be…

Outside Yanchep National Park Cave for a Crystal Cave Tour

Looking for Crystals in Yanchep National Park Caves Tour

Did you know there are caves to explore just outside Perth, Western Australia?  In fact, there are over 580 caves beneath the far northern suburb of Yanchep, a 50-minute drive from the Perth CBD.  Whilst many of those caves are not available to explore by the average person, within the Yanchep National Park cave tours are…

Taking a Mandurah Dolphin Cruise in Perth Western Australia

Escape Life on a Mandurah Dolphin Cruise: Perth, Western Australia

We find that when life gets all too much, a Mandurah Dolphin Cruise becomes the perfect remedy. I don’t know about you, but for me, whenever life gets stressful I want to escape.  I conjure up dreams of jumping on a plane to flee.  However life doesn’t always let you; there’s your partner, children, family, work…

My review Garuda airlines economy class from Perth to Bali

Garuda Indonesia Review: Why it’s One of My Favourite Airlines

Garuda Airlines has had some well-documented trouble times.  It’s enough to make you question, should I fly with Garuda Indonesia?  But they have managed to pull themselves out of the doldrums.  So much so that it has become one of my favourite airlines.  Learn how it will become yours with my Garuda Indonesia review. In…

tips Sydney opera house

Plan Your Visit to Sydney Opera House

A holiday to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without seeing, let alone visiting the Sydney Opera House.  Walking up the maze of paved reddy brown steps, gazing at the 89m high white tiled scallop shells that contain the various theatres inside – is awe-inspiring. And whilst you stroll around marvelling the outside of this iconic building completed…

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

My Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Reviews (Prime Plaza Suites Sanur Bali)

They say you should never travel back.  Back to a place that exceeded your expectations.  The place that left you with such wonderful memories.  Memories that you have raved and raved on to anyone who would listen.  They say you should never go back because surely next time it will disappoint.  This is my Prime Plaza Suites review of…