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Discover a full range of travel packing lists for all types of trips.  From packing for backpacking and long term nomadic adventures to packing for family road trips and self-catering holidays or packing for luxury vacations whether it be for international travel or local and domestic trips.

You’ll also get free PDF packing checklists to download and print and reuse over and over.  Not to mention some simple packing tips to help you choose luggage or tips to pack less in that luggage and much more.

It’s all designed to help you have a better trip.  So let’s get travel packing!

Start with these essential travel checklists:

Booked flights and international travel?  Don’t forget:

Staying in South-east Asia?

Planning a road trip?  Add in these lists:

Even if you are only heading out for a day trip take:

Got kids? You’ll love these packing guides

And if you think you’ve got too much packed

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groups of people sitting in the bush by a lake on a picnic

The Ultimate Picnic Checklist with PDF: Pack Plan Play!

Indulging in a picnic is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures – basking in the outdoors, relishing delicious bites, and toasting under the warm sun. The only hitch? Forgetting a crucial picnic item and realising home or the store is too distant. The remedy?  Pause and use a picnic checklist.  Drawing from my extensive experience…

beach chairs, inflatables and beach toys all part of what to pack for the beach

What to Pack for a Beach Day: 11 Essentials for Your Beach Bag

Spending a day on the beach is one lifes free of luxuries, but if you’re not prepared you can come home burnt, blistered, dehydrated and covered in bites. to avoid all this you need to know what to pack for a day at the beach. So I’m here to help you with what to take…

A list of international travel documents to pack

The Must-Have International Travel Document Checklist: with Printable PDF

As many of us are now booking our international travel online, it is up to us to ensure we have the correct travel documentation.  If you use a travel agent they should be directing you to have the correct documents – but ultimately it is still up to you to have the right international travel documents. …

Travel Packing List for Baby or Toddler:  Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without

Travel Packing List for Baby or Toddler: Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without

Heading off for a trip with your new baby or toddler feels a bit like planning an expedition with military precision.  There is so much to consider and it can all become quite overwhelming when contemplating, “What to pack when travelling with a baby?”  Take some of that stress and worry away by using this…

What to Pack for a Thailand Beach or Island Trip: with PDF

What to Pack for a Thailand Beach or Island Trip: with PDF

Emerald green hilly jungles meeting white sandy beaches that slip out to turquoise blue waters.  It’s what comes to mind when you think of Phuket, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, Krabi, Hua Hin, Pattaya and other Thailand beaches or islands.  They are the perfect destination for any type of holiday – backpacking, couples, families and empty nesters. …

Packing List for Tweens (8-12 years old) with Printable

Packing List for Tweens (8-12 years old) with Printable

As your children grow their needs and wants change.  As every need and want alter’s you make adjustments.  The same applies to what to include on your travel packing list for tweens, it is no longer the same as what you once packed for your toddler or pre-schooler. Tweens are those years where your little one…

Packing for kids on vacation

Kids Packing List: 3 Essentials to Create the Best Family Trip

Travel with kids is daunting.  As parents, we worry about our child’s safety.  We worry if will they eat, will our kids get enough nutrition.  We worry about our children being annoying, annoying to us and annoying to others.  Then we worry about what to pack for kids on a family trip. It’s enough to…

The Comprehensive Toiletry Packing List for Trips: with PDF

The Comprehensive Toiletry Packing List for Trips: with PDF

Embarking on a new adventure is thrilling, but let’s be real – the toiletry packing struggle is real.  With three decades of road trips, backpacking escapades, and countless hotel stays under my belt, I’ve faced the daunting task of transforming my bathroom essentials into a travel-friendly haven more times than I can count.   As…

The cottage packing list for self catering holiday

The Complete Cottage Packing List for Self Catering Holiday

Space, or lack thereof.  It’s the one big problem with luxury hotel accommodation.  And one of the big reasons we have come to embrace self-catered rental accommodation with their separate bedrooms, lounge room and kitchen, there’s space for everyone. The Collins Dictionary defines self-catering as, “If you go on a self-catering holiday or you stay…

A day pack checklist. What to pack for in your day bag

What to Pack for a Day Trip: 9 Simple Essentials for Your Day Bag

You’re on a day trip in the full sun feeling parched and hungry.  The weather changes, there is a light drizzle and the wind has picked up.  You don’t have enough money to stop in a cafe to escape the elements as that chill has run deep into your bones.  Not to mention that sinking…

The Ultimate Holiday Packing List with Printable PDF

The Ultimate Holiday Packing List with Printable PDF

Every trip I am so excited to get going.  I have spent months researching our trip, planning our holiday/vacation meticulously,  and yet to this day I still forget to pack something in my travel bag if I haven’t used a holiday packing list. My method for packing for a trip is simple.  I lay everything out…