The Girls Bling It Up at Watermark Restaurant, Perth

I have just driven to the end of Epson Avenue off Great Northern Highway in the Perth suburb of Ascot.  Eucalypt trees line the banks of the murky Swan River.  To my right, in stark contrast, is the pale concrete structure of the International on the Water Hotel.  A little uncertain, I assume, “this must be the Watermark Restaurant where the girls have invited me to join them for lunch.”

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A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia at the Internatinal on the Water Hotel.
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Inside Watermark Restaurant, Perth

There is plenty of parking out the front of the hotel.  Stepping out of my car, I easily spot the Watermark Restaurant doors.

Making my way inside onto gleaming grey tiles I pass the diamond-studded red velvet reception desk – that is not manned.  I am a little worried as I look around the large empty restaurant with its abundance of grey leather chairs and modern silver chandeliers.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
Modern chandeliers

A voice calls out from behind the well-stocked bar, “oh, your friends are out on the deck”.  Expecting to find nobody else out on the Watermark Restaurant deck, I am quite surprised to see quite a few full tables under the shade sails enjoying the tranquil setting on this crisp Autumn day that overlooks the river and gum trees.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
View from the balcony at Watermark restaurant

A waiter promptly stops by for drink and entree orders.  We are advised that we can help ourselves to water, side plates and cutlery located at the station near the balcony doors.

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by its loos.  Heading through to the hotel reception with its shimmering beige/gold tiles, crystal chandeliers and silver statues poised on large high gloss tables, the friendly reception girl points and says, “just keep going that way.”  I stop for a quick chat.  She advises me that the hotel was formerly the Ascott Inn, it was taken over a few years ago and remodelled with all the glistening baubles.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
Ornate light fittings

The toilets don’t disappoint either immaculately clean and not a streak can be found on the high sheen of the countertops. ┬áSeeing how well-maintained the hotel and restaurant are – I can’t wait for the food.

Review of the Watermark Restaurant Food

Entree is Served

The Haydari Dips and Turkish Bread ($15) arrive on wooden boards.  The warm yeasty bread with a crunchy crust is a great base for the selection of two dips per board.  The first is a very mild cheese based dip with spinach flecks, the next dip packs a punch with its hot chilli spice – even the chilli lovers find it a bit too hot.  But for me, the perfect dip is a middle eastern style chickpea with sweet potato.  The Artisan Collection of Olives and Mixed Fetta ($14) looks as if they decanted a jar of store-bought antipasto mix – black and green olives, fetta cheese spotted with capsicum all in olive oil.  The highlight for entree is the Salt and Pepper Calamari ($18).  It is possibly the best calamari I have eaten with a light crunchy batter encasing the soft melt in the mouth squid rings.  Mmm yum.

Mains Arrive

Mmm yum, is the thought I have when my Chicken Parmigiana ($28) is placed in front of me.  A large thick piece of chicken is enveloped in golden crispy breadcrumbs.  Taking my first bite the chicken is moist and tender, I couldn’t ask for much more except the tomato passata sauce brushed over the chicken is a little spicy, I find it takes away from the flavour of the ham and cheese.  My accompanying salad is pleasant, sadly the chips are not hot or crisp – something I am a surprised about considering how lovely my chicken is cooked.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
Chicken Parmigiana

The lady next to me has Fish and Chips ($28), she comments that her chips are similar to mine however her fish is beautiful and moist inside a crisp batter.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
Fish and Chips

Further, around the table, others are enjoying a Seafood Pizza ($28) and Chilli Mussels ($24), though the chilli lovers wish there was a bit more chilli in this dish.

Overall we all enjoy our lunch though commented that it appears the chef is a bit hit-and-miss with where, when and how much he should be adding chilli.

From the Cake Fridge

We finish off our lunch by sharing a few of the pre-plated cakes ($5ea).  The Mint and Choc Chip Cheesecake is very minty set in the homemade buttery biscuit base – that cheesecake base is divine.  The Coffee Cake has good coffee flavour but a little dry.  Disappointingly the Apple Tart has not been warmed, which would have made it perfect.

A review of the Watermark Restaurant in Perth, western Australia
Cake Selection

Towards the end of the afternoon, the service wane’s and we have to prompt for coffees. But perhaps the staff have been lulled by the afternoon sun, looking out at the Swan River flanked by the gum trees gently swaying in the cool breeze or maybe they were too busy inside polishing the silver to a high sheen.

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Opening Times

  • 6am – 9:30pm daily

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