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What you need to know when planning an Amazing Co Mystery Picnic

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limestone rocks along the great ocean road

Great Ocean Road Day Trip Review: What you Need to Know

As you research your trip to Melbourne, Victoria one of the things that will keep popping up to do will be a Great Ocean Road tour.  As you continue with your research you will learn that this coastal road is located several hours from the CBD and that there are so many options on how…

ferry heading towards penguin island

Pristine Penguin Island Attractions: What to Do

As a child, we took short family getaways to Shoalwater Beach, located south of Perth in Western Australia.  The beaches were white, the water was clear, the sea was calm and you looked out to the nearby Shoalwater Islands.  I use to see people walking across the sandbar to the rocky limestone island called Penguin…

five things to make travel easier including Sleep Keeper, travel bottles, scrubba, ear plugs and eye mask

10 Really Useful Travel Accessories

There are some unique travel gadgets out there and then there are some useful travel items.  Not necessarily essential travel gadgets but they are things to make travel easier. So let’s look at what are good travel accessories and why you should buy them for travelling whether it’s backpacking, road tripping or taking a luxury…

beach chairs, inflatables and beach toys all part of what to pack for the beach

What to Pack for a Beach Day: 11 Essentials for Your Beach Bag

Spending a day on the beach is one lifes free of luxuries, but if you’re not prepared you can come home burnt, blistered, dehydrated and covered in bites. to avoid all this you need to know what to pack for a day at the beach. So I’m here to help you with what to take…

A Bali cycle tour gives your the chance to learn the Balinese culture

Bali Greenbike Adventure Review: What Your Need to Know

This Bali bike tour memory is from one of our wonderful Bali family holidays back in 2015.  These cycling tours through Bali are still on offer providing you with a great way to discover the real Balinese lifestyle. Finding the true Balinese culture is difficult when taking a family trip to Bali. Most holidaymakers stay…