Things to Do in Cervantes WA (and Nearby)

Cervantes town was named after an American Whaling Vessel called “Cervantes” that shipwrecked here in 1844.  Today roughly 500 people reside in the town that’s main industry is Lobster fishing.

So why stay here?

Well, Cervantes town just happens to be only 10 minute drive away from one of West Australia’s top ten national wonders – the Pinnacles Desert, thereby creating the town’s secondary industry – tourism.  As you will discover there are actually a number of things to do in Cervantes and nearby to keep you occupied for several days.

In this article About Cervantes and the Pinnacles Desert, You’ll Learn

four collage image of things to do in cervantes wa including the caravan park, cervantes beach, lake thetis and the pinnacles desert
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What to See and Things to Do in Cervantes and Nearby

1.      Pinnacles Desert in Numbung National Park

The Pinnacles Desert, WA 4km loop drive through the desert is only a 10 minute drive from Cervantes.  There are plenty of places to stop and park the car en route so that you can get out and explore this unique desert.  Don’t forget to stop in at the visitor centre within the Nambung National Park so that you learn all about the history of the area.

yellow limestone formations in teh Pinnacles Desert Western Australia
The Pinnacles Desert

Join us as we learn about…

2.      Lake Thetis

The next day we explore more of the natural wonders near Cervantes.

We stroll along the boardwalk to see 3500-year-old living organisms called thrombolites (similar to stromatolites) at Lake Thetis.  There are not many places in the world to see these so worth a visit.

mushroom sahped cauliflower looking thrombolites in Lake Thetis Western Australia
Lake Thetis

Stroll along the boardwalk with us at…

3.      Lookouts

Hansons Bay Lookout

Just near Lake Thetis and a steep climb up the sand dunes on the rickety wooden staircase is Hansens Bay Lookout offering a lovely vista of the waves crashing out on the reef that runs along this part of the West Australian coastline.

View over green bushland to ocean and ways crashing out at sea
View from Hansen Bay Lookout

Thirst Point Lookout

Follow the signs along the boardwalk along the coast to reach the point.  This region is very windy so expect to be blown away by the stunning beaches.

Lookout Point

And for a lovely spot to sit and watch the sunset just a stroll from the caravan park is a quaint little lookout.

Sunset over Cervantes beach with lobster boats in the water
Cervantes beach sunset

Top Trip Tip: Pack good quality walking shoes to explore all these lookouts


4.      Beaches

Cervantes Beach

We are in Cervantes in June (Australia’s winter) the white sandy beaches are covered in seaweed.  But as a child, I visited here in the summer and the beaches were white with turquoise clear waters.

Kangaroo Point

Halfway between Cervantes and the Pinnacles is the rest stop Kangaroo Point with white sandy beaches.

Hangover Bay

This rest stop is located near the Pinnacles Desert turn-off.  Pop in after your visit to the Nambung National Park or stop here for lunch at the shaded picnic tables and free BBQs.

5.      The Lobster Shack

As lobsters are Cervantes’ main industry it only seems fitting that you can visit the lobster factory and learn how the lobsters are processed and shipped offshore all before a lobster lunch.

The lobster shack also offers tours to see sea lions or do some of your lobster fishing.

Top Trip Tip: Remember pets are NOT allowed in many of the national parks of Western Australia

Fun Cervantes Things to Do for Kids

The town of Cervantes attracts backpackers, couples, seniors and lots of families.

Keeping the kids occupied is just good old-fashioned fun.  We stay at the RAC Cervantes Holiday Park which includes family-friendly activities like the games room with table tennis and pool table, a toddler playground and a large swimming pool.

Right outside the caravan park is a large council climbing frame in an expansive green grassy park, overlooking the beach.  Most of the school-age kids from the caravan park are out here playing.  Our son Lewis easily makes friends as all the kids alternate between the climbing frame, scootering on the paths or kicking a football about in the park.

Top Trip Tip: Pack a scooter or bike.  This allows your child to easily join in the games with the other kids at the caravan park and make friends

Cervantes WA Accommodation

With several choices for Cervantes accommodation, we choose the caravan park in Cervantes.  The RAC Cervantes Holiday Park offers powered sites, unpowered sites, ensuite sites and new two-bedroom villas – which is what we choose

Our villa is clean, new and spacious.  Alternatively, you could camp or bring your camper/RV.  There are lots of good amenities at the RAC Cervantes Holiday Park including a camp kitchen, games room, playground, swimming pool and new ablution blocks.

the lounge, dining and kitchen of the two bedroom villa
Cervantes Holiday Park two bedroom villa

Read our full review of…

There are a couple more choices for accommodation in Cervantes:

If you do choose one of the self-catering options you may like our Self Catering Packing List

Top Trip Tip: Accommodation prices vary considerably for all these options and seasonally, check out a booking site* to compare prices and suitability for your trip

Eating out in Cervantes

But don’t worry if you don’t bring your own food there are no shortage of places to eat in town.

  • Seashells Cafe
  • Lobster Snack Shack
  • Cervantes Bar and Bistro
  • Island Cafe
  • Cervantes Country Club
  • Europa Anchor Restaurant
  • Seabreeze Cafe
  • Velas Restaurant

Top Trip Tip: Check the opening hours of these establishments as they do alter according to the season

More Information on Cervantes, the Pinnacles and the Coral Coast

Getting Here

Cervantes is a two-hour drive north along the Indian Ocean Highway from the West Australian capital of Perth.  The highway whilst fairly new has become a little treacherous due to impatient drivers.  The highway is a two-way road that winds along the coastline.  When you are driving please be patient, take care and stay alert.

If you don’t have a car but are interested in visiting these Cervantes attractions including the Pinnacles you may like to book a tour through GetYourGuide* or Viator* or alternatively hire a car*. Don’t forget to hire a car seat for the kids. 

For a successful road trip check out our tips on road-tripping:

Official Websites and Links

Check out all our West Australian travel inspirations HERE including:

You’ll find more information on these government websites:

Or read these travel guides on Western Australia*

We really enjoy our stay in Cervantes to visit the Pinnacles Desert, WA and nearby attractions.  The town of Cervantes has such a relaxed vibe.  And whilst it was really family friendly there were plenty of couples enjoying the surroundings as well.  A perfect place to stay for a weekend getaway from Perth or as a stop on a long road trip exploring more of Western Australia.

I hope you have discovered what to do in Cervantes for your trip along the Coral Coast of Western Australia.

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    • I have always wanted to see the west coast, so thanks for the inspiration! I will be saving this for the future!

    • That was a great sunset! The holiday park at Cervantes looks fantastic! The Pinnacles are fascinating. So unique, and beautiful. We’d love to explore that area, though I understand the Kimberly is a bit remote for most foreign visitors. Definitely one for the Bucket List, though! #TheWeeklyPostcard

      • Just a typical sunset in WA Rob and Ann.
        Just to let you know the Kimberley region is in the far north of Western Australia, it takes about two hours to fly up there. Cervantes and the Pinnacles are only a two-hour drive north of Perth. WA is such a big state and so much to see.

    • Cervantes looks like a photographer’s dream come true and seems to be the perfect place to spend time with your family. It’s great that it’s so close to where you live. #TheWeeklyPostcard

      • You’d love the photographic opportunities, Anda. Sunsets over the ocean, stunning natural scenery and beautiful flora and fauna.

    • Anisa
      6 years ago

      So nice that you have such a beautiful spot not too far from home. The viewpoints are lovely and it sounds like a great place for a stroll. The lobster shack sounds interesting too. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

      • Yes, we are quite lucky here in Western Australia Anisa. Some lovely place to explore north and south of Perth.

    • I remember my trip to Perth with my parents in 1992, and we visited the Pinnacles. I can’t remember much from the trip because it was so long ago but I do remember how hot it was – summer had just started and that was our first experience of the blistering heat in Australia 🙂

      • Travelling north in the heat of an Australian summer isn’t that much fun. It’s just way too hot. Though I am sure you found some great beaches along the way to cool off. I hope the heat hasn’t deterred you from returning to Aus.

    • We have just come back from a road trip on the Coral Coast. The Pinnacles was first on our list of things to see and it did not disappoint. Cervantes is lovely, although I don’t understand the hype around The Lobster Shack.

      • We never made it to the Lobster Shack – the men in my life refused to go. Sounds like we didn’t miss anything, thanks Lyn.