Two Perspectives of the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia

The trees of Western Australia are unique, particularly those in the Valley of the Giants.  These giant trees in the South West’s Tingle Forest date back 65 million years when Australia was joined in the supercontinent known as Gondwana.

Over the millions of years, it has taken the continents to separate the climate of South Western Australia has remained much the same with rainfalls around 1000-1200ml/year with well-draining gravelly soil.  It has been the perfect condition for the red Tingle trees and some insects to continue to thrive.

Today you can experience these giant trees from two different perspectives, the treetop walk or the forest floor boardwalk.

In this Article on the Valley of the Giants You Will Learn About:

Looking out across the Tingle tree tops in the Valley of the Giants
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The Valley of the Giants in Western Australia is located approximately 26 minutes from the South West town of Walpole (see map below) in the Walpole Nornalup National Park.  Visiting the Valley of the Giants also makes a great day trip from other great southern tourist towns like Pemberton, Denmark and Albany.

The red Tingle trees have long been a fascination for tourists since the area was declared a park in 1910.  Back in the day tourist were even able to drive their cars right inside the giant Tingle trees.  However, fortunately, today, we are no longer quite so thoughtless; the government has done its best to maintain this historic national park forest with the treetop walkway and the forest floor walk.

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

The tree top walk and the ancient forest floor walk were designed to reduce the impact of tourists on this fragile environment.  During the 1996 construction of the metal treetop walkway, no cranes or machinery were used to ensure the minimum impact was felt by the giant trees that live up to 400 years and grow to a height of 75m.  The 600m loop walkway through the treetops has been designed for all to enjoy including those with wheelchairs and prams.

The Tree Top Walkway in the Valley of the Giants WA
Walking along the Tree Top Walk

Having paid our entrance fee (see below for Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk costs) we walk up the gentle steel grate incline.  At the highest point, we are 40m up in the air and the steel walkways do sway a little by the movement of others.  It almost feels as if we are sitting on the tree branches with a birds-eye view looking out to the neighbouring farmlands and down into the lush valley floor.  With small antlike people scurrying along the valley floor and we can’t wait to join them.

The Ancient Empire Walk

Once down the slow decline from the treetops, you arrive near the entrance to the ancient empire walk.  The first 150m of the ancient forest floor walk starts with a paved and wooden jarrah deck boardwalk that is wheelchair and pram friendly.


Then small wooden steps are introduced into parts of the 600m boardwalk that navigates around the forest flora and giant Tingle tree roots.  The ancient forest walk gives the opportunity to get right up close to the knobbly trunks of the Tingle trees.

The Ancient Empire Walk in the Valley of the Giants Western Australia
Walking the forest floor in the Valley of the Giants

And whilst being up in the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is awe-inspiring looking down from the great height it is not until you are standing up close to the Tingle trees that you truly get a sense of how large these trees are.  Some trees have a circumference of up to 20m.  The base interior of the trees has been hollowed out by fungi and insects, followed by bushfires (the last in 1937) that blackened the interior of the tree and cleared out some of the forest floor debris.  These hollowed-out bases are so big that entire families can stand inside for photos or you can lie down easily within the diameter of the tree.

The giant Tingle tree top walk Western Australia
Laying across the interior of the giant Tingle tree

To be honest, you need the two perspectives of walking in the Valley of the Giant treetops and exploring the ancient forest floor to gain a true understanding of the magnificence of these unique giant Tingle trees.

Top Trips Tips: Plan Your Visit to the Valley of the Giants


The Valley of the Giants is located on the Great Ocean Road of Western Australia – right down the bottom.  The closest towns are Walpole about 25 minutes away or Denmark 45 minutes’ drive away.  Further afield you can make it a day trip from Albany, one hour and 20 minutes or like us from Pemberton which is a one hour and 30-minute drive.

Opening hours

Open 7 days a week 9-5pm, last ticket sale is 4:15pm

Closed: Christmas Day


  • Free parking
  • Secure bike storage locker
  • Toilets
  • Complimentary wheelchair or stroller hire.
  • Free guided tours on the Empire Walk subject to weather
  • School holiday programs (except July School Holidays)
  • Free Discovery Centre with souvenirs
The entrance to the Valley of the Giants tree top walk Western Australia
Entering the Valley of the Giants

Valley of the Giants Price

For the Tree Top Walk:

  • $21/adult
  • $10.50/child (6-16years)
  • $52.50/family
  • $15.50/concession card

The Ancient Empire Walk:

  • Free
  • Free guided tours are available at times: 10.15am; 11.30am; and 2pm Daily (weather permitting)

Prices correct at Dec 2023 please check the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk website (link below) for current prices.

What to Bring

Absolute musts to include in your day bag are:

  • Money to pay the entry fee
  • Camera to record all the stunning scenery

As you are on the forest it is quite shaded so you are fairly protected from the sun, so up to you on the sunscreen and hat.  You may also require a jacket depending on the weather.

Where to Stay

There is no Valley of the Giants accommodation per se.  Finding a place to lay your head will require you to travel a bit further.

The Valley of the Giants is located about 25 minutes from the town of Walpole.  In Walpole, there are caravan parks, motels and self-catering accommodations*.  The town of Denmark is not too far either – only 45 minutes away and offers a similar range of accommodation*.

The Valley of the Giants also makes a great day trip from:

  1. The Southern Forest towns of Pemberton and Manjimup are situated an hour and a half north. This area has caravan parks and lots of farm stays.  We stayed on a lovely farm stay called Diamond Forest Cottages and also at the beautiful RAC Karri Valley Resort.
  2. The Great Southern town of Albany is an hour and a half east of the Tree Top Walk. You will find lots of caravan parks, motels, farm stays and B&B’s*.  We have just visited Albany staying in the Big4 Emu Beach Holiday Park.

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